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How much wood can a wood­chuck chuck?

The cold grip of win­ter is slowly eas­ing, but as days get longer and the mer­cury starts to rise now is the time to think ahead to next win­ter and the fuel your fam­ily’s need to keep warm.

Young en­tre­pre­neur Anna Pet­ters­son, aka the Wood­chuck, cares a lot about wood.

She had built a busi­ness on stack­ing wood for the busy pro­fes­sion­als and el­derly of Marl­bor­ough and was sur­prised at the amount of work she was get­ting in the re­gion.

‘‘I was stack­ing up my own wood and I thought, why don’t I get paid for this?’’ Pet­ters­son said.

‘‘I started mar­ket­ing on Face­book, I cre­ated a page and now I have 275 likes.’’

The young mother was grow­ing bored at home, her daugh­ter was get­ting busier, she was ready to go back to work.

‘‘The Wood­chuck is like a lit­tle beaver, and we live in ‘The Beaver’ that kind of tied it in,’’ Pet­ters­son said.

Blen­heim was col­lo­qui­ally known as ‘The Beaver’ due to its wa­ter­logged past and sta­tus as a river port, and while a wood­chuck looks sim­i­lar to a beaver, it is in fact an­other name for a ground­hog.

Now known to many in Marl­bor­ough as ‘Chucky’, Pet­ters­son said peo­ple just don’t have time to stack wood th­ese days, ‘‘they’re just too busy.’’

Luck­ily, she loves stack­ing wood.

‘‘There’s a fine art to wood stack­ing, ev­ery bit of wood is dif­fer­ent,’’ Pet­ters­son said.

‘‘I have an eye for wood now, it’s like when you see a chip that you want when you get fish n chips.

‘‘I’m rock­ing up to peo­ple’s houses and they of­ten don’t re­alise the Wood­chuck is a girl.’’

Pet­ters­son hoped the Wood­chuck would get to a point where it could cover the costs of her lat­est busi­ness foray, streetwear and skate shop called #OVER­FLOW.

‘‘I go to peo­ple’s houses where their wood­pile is on a lean and I fix it,’’ she said.

Re­builds, wood stack­ing, chuck it in a pile, she said whichever a way you want your wood, she can do it. She also has some ad­vice for those DIY stack­ers, ‘‘Don’t stack a wood­pile hard against a wall, it will fall over.’’ She chucks wood through­out Marl­bor­ough, check out her Face­book and give her a like. A wood­chuck would chuck all the wood he, or she, could.


Anna Pet­ters­son, AKA the Wood­chuck, when not run­ning her streetwear shop #OVER­FLOW is out chuck­ing and stack­ing wood for busy Marl­buri­ans (in­set).

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