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Evan Robin­son may have been wrong in stat­ing that meat chick­ens are raised in cages (‘Barn raised’, Ex­press, Septem­ber 13) but he is right in say­ing that they live wretched lives.

Most ‘‘broil­ers’’ are housed in large, win­dow­less sheds that hold up to 40,000 birds. As the birds grow the sheds be­come in­creas­ingly over­crowded. The am­mo­nia laden air burns their eyes. The cru­elest thing of all, how­ever, is that, for noth­ing but profit, broiler chick­ens have been bred to bal­loon to adult size in just six weeks.

Clearly there is no such thing as ‘‘nor­mal’’ chicken be­cause all broil­ers – in­clud­ing free-range – are ab­nor­mally bred.

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