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An easy way for a cor­rect place name to be lost is for the fre­quent use of an in­cor­rect one. Three ex­am­ples of this are ‘‘The Fo­rum’’ in Blen­heim, the ‘‘Old Pic­ture Theatre’’ in Have­lock and ‘‘The Do­main’’ in Have­lock.

When a new restau­rant was built up­stairs in the re­build of the area in the cen­tre of Blen­heim it was called The Fo­rum where peo­ple where en­cour­aged to gather and eat and talk. The cen­tre of Blen­heim where the band ro­tunda is lo­cated is cor­rectly called ‘‘Market Place’’ not The Fo­rum.

A re­cent article in a lo­cal pa­per re­ferred to a build­ing in Have­lock be­ing used by the theatre com­pany as be­ing the old dis­used pic­ture theatre. The pic­tures used to be shown there by the late Ge­orge Cawte. This build­ing was built as and still is in fact the Have­lock Town Hall as the sign on the front of the build­ing says. So it is ‘‘The Have­lock own Hall’’.

The third ex­am­ple is the use of the word ‘do­main’. This area ad­ja­cent to lower Neil St in Have­lock when I was young was home to the RSA build­ing and the mo­tor camp, which only went as far as the creek then. The mud­flats were re­claimed by agree­ment be­tween Have­lock Town Board and the then Marl­bor­ough County Coun­cil. The en­gi­neer wanted dis­posal of sur­plus soil from slips and road widen­ing on the Ma­hakipawa Hill. A price was agreed that for three pence a cu­bit yard de­liv­ered to site. This spoil was used to re­claim the mud­flat

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