Get fit, get tidy, get out and plog

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There’s a new fit­ness trend qui­etly build­ing mo­men­tum around the coun­try.

It ini­tially started in Scan­di­navia in 2016, then swept across Europe, the UK and US. There are even clubs and Face­book pages ded­i­cated to it. It’s called plog­ging.

A quick Google search brings up a head­line ‘‘Plog­ging: the fit­ness craze that’s sweep­ing the streets’’.

So what is plog­ging, and how do you join? Easy, and the good news is there are no mem­ber­ship fees. Just grab a bag and head out on your nor­mal daily rou­tine.

Of­fi­cially, plog­ging is jog­ging while pick­ing up rub­bish. But for the non­jog­gers, plog­ging can be walk­ing the dog, tak­ing the kids to school, walk­ing from your car park to your workplace … and pick­ing up rub­bish.

Plas­tic is a hot topic at the mo­ment with one of our largest su­per­mar­ket chains phas­ing out plas­tic bags, while a na­tion­wide hard­ware store is ban­ning them out­right.

Ar­ti­cles on the im­pacts of sin­gle-use bags, straws, cof­fee cups and bal­loons are reg­u­larly pop­ping up in our news­feed.

One of the rea­sons is plas­tic is pol­lut­ing our oceans, suf­fo­cat­ing our ma­rine life and end­ing up in our food chain.

There was an ar­ti­cle pub­lished last week about a plas­tic bag found in one of the deep­est sea trenches on the planet - 10,898m be­low the sur­face.

Sadly, it seems hu­man trash has some­how in­fil­trated ar­eas where hu­mans can’t even visit.

The cause of ocean pol­lu­tion is a con­cept that is dif­fi­cult to con­nect to, par­tic­u­larly when most of us don’t chuck our rub­bish on the streets.

Yet walk­ing down the street the day af­ter rub­bish day shows a de­press­ing amount of rub­bish chok­ing up our gut­ters. We might not drop it, but it’s still our rub­bish. What goes in the gut­ter, can end up in the sea.

Re­gard­less of how it gets there, it needs to be cleaned up. Most Ki­wis prob­a­bly aren’t the sort of peo­ple to get into the lastest ‘craze’, but we care deeply about our en­vi­ron­ment.

So, grab a few friends, or your dogs and kids, get out there and plog.

Not only do you get fit, but you get a clean com­mu­nity too.

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