Hob­bits await sum­mer

Matamata Chronicle - - Front Page - By LAURA McLEAY

Hob­bit fans around the Waikato wait­ing for Sir Peter Jack­son and his crew to ar­rive will have to sit tight.

The film­ing due to be­gin at Hob­biton through­out March and April will not take place un­til the end of the year, 3 Foot 7 pro­duc­tions pub­li­cist Melissa Booth con­firmed; amidst spec­u­la­tion film­ing may have to be squeezed in be­fore April ends.

The Do­min­ion Post re­ported on March 26 that per­mis­sion to film at Hob­biton will be lost due to their cur­rent re­source con­sent end­ing on April 30 but Ms Booth said this was not an is­sue and it had been blown out of per­spec­tive.

‘‘Get­ting a new con­sent is just part of the na­ture of film­ing. It comes with the job and of­ten things have to be moved around and new con­sents ap­plied for. It is not an is­sue at all.

‘‘The only rea­son film­ing has been de­layed at Hob­biton is be­cause Sir Peter got sick. We had to move around some of the film­ing. We need to be film­ing at Hob­biton over sum­mer so it will now be around the end of the year, not be­cause we don’t have con­sent.’’

Ex­act dates for film­ing are still to be con­firmed.

Mata­mata-Pi­ako District Coun­cil com­mu­ni­ca­tions of­fi­cer Jenni Cochrane said they would need to ap­ply for a new con­sent if film­ing was not hap­pen­ing be­fore the end of April but there was no prob­lem with the process.

‘‘3 foot 7 cur­rently has re­source con­sent from coun­cil for works at Hob­biton.

‘‘ Like any re­source con­sent

it has con­di­tions, which Hob­biton must meet. 3 foot 7 has met the re­quired con­di­tions for the stages of their con­sent that have been com­pleted. The only stage left to be com­pleted is film­ing and the re­quired con­di­tions do not need to be met un­til they are ready to be­gin.’’ The coun­cil was re­quired to process re­source con­sents in 20 work­ing days and she said 3 Foot 7 was well aware that they would need one and would be fac­tor­ing that into their plan­ning.

Hob­bit Dilemma: Film­ing at Hob­biton was de­layed af­ter Sir Peter Jack­son be­came sick not be­cause they will lose re­source con­sent from the Mata­mata-Pi­ako District Coun­cil.

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