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A cylin­der should hold enough wa­ter so that it rarely runs out un­der nor­mal use. A fam­ily of four will prob­a­bly need about 300 litres ca­pac­ity. Cylin­ders for so­lar and wet­back sys­tems Some cylin­ders are spe­cially de­signed to work with so­lar sys­tems and wet­backs.

Some older cylin­ders don’t work well in these sit­u­a­tions. Ask your in­staller if yours is suit­able. Wet­backs must be vented, so can­not be con­nected di­rectly to a high-pres­sure sup­ply. They can be con­nected di­rectly to a vented, low pres­sure cylin­der, or be con­nected to a vented heat ex­changer that heats a high pres­sure sup­ply.

For so­lar hot wa­ter, it’s bet­ter to have a larger cylin­der as you will be less likely to run out of wa­ter.

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