Coun­cil’s potty toi­let tax plan

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We vote the same coun­cil­lors in time af­ter time un­til they get so blase they think they can get away with any pro­posal they think of. A toi­let tax? How ar­chaic. It’s been tried be­fore in years gone by un­til some­one woke up to the fact it achieves noth­ing.

Just be­cause there are more toi­lets avail­able does not mean we uri­nate more of­ten! It does mean we don’t have to queue with legs crossed for so long. When you got to go you got to go. The mayor and coun­cil­lors of this com­mu­nity spend ratepay­ers’ money lav­ishly on cy­cle­ways, sta­di­ums and other lux­u­ries that please a few and in­creas­ingly self­ish, de­mand­ing and vo­cal mi­nori­ties, but to pro­pose to tax those who in­stall toi­lets that pro­vide a much-needed ser­vice to the whole com­mu­nity – what next? Do we carry our own potty with us? Maybe get fit­ted with a colostomy bag? I’ve got a good idea. Stop all pay­ments to mayor and coun­cil­lors. Think of the money that would save. I bet none of them would take a pay cut to save rates in­creases.

I have paid close at­ten­tion of late and although it is cleaned once in a while, within days the prob­lem resur­faces.

I have con­tacted the coun­cil and although I re­ceived no re­ply, a week later it was cleaned. His­tor­i­cally I un­der­stand lo­cal cor­po­rates have cleaned it as a com­mu­nity ser­vice.

Let’s all get our heads to­gether as a com­mu­nity and fix this eye­sore, rather than just turn­ing the other way.

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