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– Round­about.

– Nah, one is a give way, the other is a com­pul­sory stop. Fairly sim­ple to any­one that has half a clue.

– Hi Jared, ap­par­ently this is part of the prob­lem. An­other sug­ges­tion was to make both sides give way. – Round­about.

– It’s hor­ri­ble, you can sit there for ages wait­ing to get across.

– Yes, it is fairly sim­ple but like the Chron­i­cle said some peo­ple don’t re­alise that. I’ve been sit­ting there at the stop sign wait­ing and wait­ing for the per­son at the give way to go. Mur­phy’s Law says that I would get sick of wait­ing and go, and then I would be in trou­ble when an accident oc­curred. Plus, if you are at that STOP sign at ei­ther end of the school day it takes FOR­EVER, so much, that I don’t even go that way. A round­about would be best, the traf­fic would flow nicely for all sides. – Round­about!

– I live right close to it and it’s a night­mare. In the seven years I’ve been here, I’ve seen ac­ci­dents, peo­ple on bikes al­most hit etc. Its a no­brainer that some­thing needs to

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