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En­sure that all fix­ings, screws or nails are seated be­low the sur­face of the plas­ter­board.

Fill any ar­eas greater than 2mm deep with a set­ting com­pound such as Gib Trade­set and leave to dry.

First coat

Us­ing a 150mm broad knife, fill the re­cess formed by the edges of the sheets with joint­ing com­pound.

Cen­tre the pa­per tape along the joint and us­ing a 150mm broad­knife press the tape down into the com­pound.

Draw the broad knife, held at about 45

Ap­ply a fin­ish­ing coat of com­pound with a 280mm trowel.

Joint edges should be feathered at least 50mm be­yond the edges of the pre­vi­ous coat. Al­low to dry for about 24 hours. Lightly sand in the same di­rec­tion as the joint us­ing 220 grit, or finer, sand­pa­per.

Af­ter sand­ing, mark any de­fects and im­per­fec­tions with a pen­cil, then re­touch th­ese ar­eas with com­pound. Leave to dry and sand. Re­peat this process un­til the de­sired fin­ish is achieved.

Handy hints

Poor fix­ing of plas­ter­board will make achiev­ing a good fin­ish dif­fi­cult.

Stop­ping can hide small mis­takes but can­not make poor fix­ing look good.

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