Glaz­ing to con­trol tem­per­a­ture

Matamata Chronicle - - Advertising Feature -

Win­dow glaz­ing op­tions to con­trol tem­per­a­ture in the home:

Dou­ble glaz­ing (ar­gon-filled, with low emis­siv­ity and UV-fil­ter coat­ings). Heat ab­sorb­ing (tinted) glass. Heat re­flec­tive (coated) glass. Low emis­siv­ity glass (trans­mits the short-wave ra­di­a­tion of vis­i­ble light but re­duces the rate of long­wave ra­di­a­tion trans­mis­sion).

Win­dow de­sign to al­low air­flow through the house.

Dou­ble glaz­ing can be fit­ted through­out the house or just in the liv­ing ar­eas where peo­ple spend the most time.

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