Matamata Chronicle - - Conversations - J Black­burn (abridged)

Re­cently I was out­side the Sal­va­tion Army shop talk­ing to some­one when a truck and trailer unit came rum­bling past caus­ing the foot­path to shake.

It re­minded me of a pass­ing train. I said ‘wow that was heavy’. The per­son I had been talk­ing to said ‘that’s usual, some­times the win­dows rat­tle as well’.

I be­lieve it had all the ax­els and wheels to com­ply with the reg­u­la­tions Mr Tisch refers to, but still the ground shook.

This I’m told, af­fects the struc­ture of the road and I have never no­ticed a car that could do that.

The reg­u­la­tions and/or def­i­ni­tion may have changed on pa­per re­gard­ing heavy trucks but orig­i­nally the road was never built to ser­vice the amount of heavy traf­fic we are hav­ing.

Prior to the Kaimai tun­nel be­ing con­structed we were told that if the tun­nel was built it would keep the heavy trucks off the roads.

Of course this re­ferred to the logs from Toko­roa mainly. There were no ship­ping con­tain­ers that we see go­ing through our town to Tau­ranga Port. To sug­gest that only 16 per cent of traf­fic through Broad­way is heavy is con­trary to how many peo­ple see it.

Was that sur­vey taken on a Sun­day? Most peo­ple agree it’s much more than that, which is why Mr Dowl­ing has had such a good re­sponse in the short time it [his pe­ti­tion] was done.

Fur­ther to claim all but two of the trucks go­ing through are lo­cal busi­nesses, I also dis­agree with. Many, such as the con­tainer car­ry­ing trucks and log­ging trucks, are from else­where headed for Tau­ranga Port.

Surely Mr Jones is right, we need proper road­ing con­struc­tion done, not quick patch up jobs that don’t re­ally work. The dam­age has been done, we have paid our petrol taxes.

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