Stick to your New Year res­o­lu­tions

New Zealand’s favourite well­be­ing ex­pert, Dr Libby, an­swers read­ers’ ques­tions about liv­ing a health­ier life.

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Ques­tion: Like many peo­ple I set my­self a NewYear’s res­o­lu­tion to lose weight. I started off well but af­ter a few days I found my­self graz­ing af­ter din­ner, eating foods I wouldn’t even nor­mally eat. I feel frus­trated that I can’t stick to some­thing. Do you have any tips to help me stick to my res­o­lu­tion?

I think the judg­ment we pass on our­selves when we de­vi­ate from a set diet/nu­tri­tion or wellness plan is of­ten more harm­ful than the ac­tion it­self. Of­ten this can trig­ger a down­wards spi­ral and a feel­ing of ‘‘well I’ve blown it now, I may as well fin­ish the whole packet’’ which trig­gers feel­ings of guilt, self-loathing etc.

In­stead of get­ting up the next morn­ing and treat­ing it as a new day you are more likely to skip the gym/your morn­ing walk, less likely to choose foods that nour­ish your body and more likely to ex­pe­ri­ence feel­ings of help­less­ness.

Not ex­actly the headspace with which you are go­ing to make choices to sup­port your health and wellness goals.

In­stead of judg­ing your­self if you eat in a way that doesn’t serve your health, bring cu­rios­ity. Ask your­self ‘‘what lead me to make that choice?’’ and get to the heart of what the un­re­source­ful eating is re­ally all about.

Ques­tion: I’m suf­fer­ing with bloat­ing at the mo­ment, I’m as­sum­ing due to some not so great food choices over the Christ­mas break. Do you have any nat­u­ral tips to help bloat­ing?

Bloat­ing can be caused by a num­ber of things, food in­tol­er­ances, eating too much, poor di­ges­tion or a side ef­fect of med­i­ca­tion to name a few.

Find­ing the source of your bloat­ing is the key to find­ing your so­lu­tion but here are a few strate­gies that help ease bloat­ing.

Take 1 ta­ble­spoon of ap­ple cider vine­gar be­fore each main meal to help aid di­ges­tion.

En­joy chamomile or pep­per­mint tea through­out the day. These are Email your ques­tions for Dr Libby to ask.dr­libby@fair­fax­me­ Please note, only a se­lec­tion of ques­tions can be an­swered.

calm­ing herbal teas that can be great to soothe an ir­ri­tated di­ges­tive sys­tem. It’s also im­por­tant that you keep hy­drated.

Avoid drink­ing too much wa­ter just be­fore, dur­ing or af­ter a meal be­cause it can dis­rupt di­ges­tion.

Fo­cus on chew­ing your food prop­erly. In the rush of mod­ern life many peo­ple in­hale their food. You should chew your food at least 10-20 times be­fore swal­low­ing. Some peo­ple find it help­ful to put their knife and fork down in be­tween bites to as­sist this process. Eating too fast can cer­tainly im­pact bloat­ing/gas and di­ges­tion in gen­eral.

Dr Libby is a a nu­tri­tional bio­chemist, best-sell­ing au­thor and speaker. The ad­vice con­tained in this column is not in­tended to be a sub­sti­tute for di­rect, per­son­alised ad­vice from a health pro­fes­sional. Her new book,

can help you kick start 2016 with a fresh ap­proach to health and weight loss.

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Be­ing hard on your­self for not stick­ing to res­o­lu­tions is of­ten more de­struc­tive.

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