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A Mata­mata farmer may have pro­duced a New Zealand record of the most crown pump­kins grown from one plant.

Adrian Holmes has plenty of the hearty plant, thanks to the 52 pump­kins he re­cently grew.

At the be­gin­ning of the year Adrian and his dad Graeme no­ticed the large crop in his home gar­den.

‘‘They just grew and grew - like Jack and the Beanstalk,’’ he laughed.

Adrian at­tributes his love of gar­den­ing and his skills to Graeme who taught him all he knows.

But even Graeme, with all his years of gar­den­ing ex­pe­ri­ence, was blown away by what his young ap­pren­tice had pro­duced.

‘‘In Jan­uary there were about 30, then they just went crazy,’’ said Graeme.

He said the plant es­caped the gar­den, stretched across the yard to­wards the drive­way.

They kept turn­ing it around, and cut off the run­ners.

When the pump­kins were ready to har­vest two weeks ago Graeme couldn’t be­lieve what he was see­ing.

‘‘They were con­nected to one plant the roots were gi­nor­mous, I have never seen any­thing like it.’’

Adrian took to the in­ter­net to see if he could find any­thing sim­i­lar.

When he couldn’t find any­thing, he posted a pic of the crop onto the NZ Veg­etable Gard­ners Face­book page.

The post re­ceived over 1000 likes and 180 com­ments.

Mem­bers couldn’t be­lieve what they were see­ing ei­ther. Some sug­gested it could be a record.

Ni­cola McBur­ney of Mata­mata’s Four Sea­sons Gar­den Cen­tre was quite im­pressed.

She had never heard of any­one growing that num­ber of pump­kins from one plant. She couldn’t say whether Holmes’ pump­kin plant may have pro­duced a record amount.

Oak­ley’s Premium Fresh Veg­eta­bles man­ag­ing di­rec­tor Robin Oak­ley was equally fas­ci­nated.

He, like McBur­ney, had never heard of any­one growing such a large num­ber from one plant.

He was even quite skep­ti­cal pump­kins came from one plant.

Both Adrian and Graeme con­firmed, it was def­i­nitely from one plant.

So, whether or not this is some kind of phe­nom­e­non or record remains a mys­tery.

But Graeme thinks the an­swer may lay in the rich soil.

Adrian at­tributes his suc­cess to a good fertiliser of calf ma­nure, pot ash and big fat worms.

See the video on the Neigh­bourly page.



Adrian Holmes grew 52 pump­kins off one plant, which could be a record.

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