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Mata­mata In­ter­me­di­ate School stu­dents con­tinue their reg­u­lar se­ries of sto­ries for the Chron­i­cle.

Boom! Splash! Hiss! What was that? That was Mata­mata In­ter­me­di­ate hav­ing a blast dur­ing our Sci­ence Weeks and work­ing on our projects for the East Waikato Sci­ence Fair.

Stu­dents at in­ter­me­di­ate have been learn­ing the won­der­ful sci­ence be­hind mat­ter, atoms and chem­i­cal re­ac­tions.

All classes were in­volved in dif­fer­ent projects and hands on ex­per­i­ments through­out the two weeks and hope­fully some of the ex­cite­ment was brought home to share.

The main fo­cus of Sci­ence Weeks was to build un­der­stand­ing of how we can use sci­ence to ex­plain the world around us.

To do this, stu­dents needed to ask questions, find ev­i­dence, carry out ex­per­i­ments and then think about how all this learn­ing ap­plies and makes a dif­fer­ence in the real world.

One of the many projects, was adding cit­ric acid so­lu­tion with bak­ing soda in a beaker to make a re­ac­tion then putting a bal­loon over it.

We learnt, through this ex­per­i­ment, that chem­i­cal re­ac­tions can be exother­mic, cre­at­ing hot air which rises. We even made Ele­phant Tooth­paste!

An­other as­pect of sci­ence this term, for some stu­dents, is the Sci­ence Fair.

Sci­ence Fair is com­ing up soon and there are go­ing to be a lot of en­tries, each one dif­fer­ent to each other.

The ma­jor­ity of our projects will be en­tered into the East Waikato Sci­ence Fair, held in Mor­rinsville at the end of this term.

But the cat­e­gory of Ob­ser­va­tional Draw­ing is only avail­able in the Hamil- ton Sci­ence Fair.

Con­grat­u­la­tions to Jes­sica Wal­ton be­ing awarded first place for her sci­en­tific draw­ing and Char­lie Ni­cholls re­ceiv­ing a highly com­mended.

The next two big sci­ence fair projects are In­ves­ti­ga­tion and Technology.

The in­ves­ti­ga­tion is an in­ves­ti­ga­tion into a sub­ject, us­ing sci­ence to ex­plain the out­comes and the technology is an in­ven­tion, to solve a need.

Visit our Face­book page for the out­comes of this Sci­ence Fair, at the end of the term.


The stu­dents of Mata­mata In­ter­me­di­ate at the Sci­ence Fair.

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