Cafe trends you wish would die

This year, we al­most broke Twit­ter by ask­ing which of 2016’s cafe trends irk you the most. Here’s just a small se­lec­tion...

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“Edi­son bulbs”

“Putting a smoothie in a bowl rather than a glass does not make it a new cat­e­gory of food, nor is it any health­ier.”

“When there are no dogs around that day.”

“Cut­lery wrapped in a soggy pa­per nap­kin. Why?”

“Adding an inch-deep cin­na­mon dust­ing to my cof­fee with­out ask­ing #spice­upy­ourlife!”

“‘Lifestyle’ blog­gers hit­ting up Eighthirty High Street with ama­teur photo shoots, com­plete with mul­ti­ple seat and out­fit changes.”

“Serv­ing the food in hats in­stead of on plates.”

“No Cof­fee News avail­able.”

“Cof­fee News avail­able.”

“Elab­o­rate donut con­struc­tions.”

“Eggs on toast that cost more than $10.90.”

“Words of in­spi­ra­tion writ­ten on pave­ment chalk­boards. Shut up! I just want a cof­fee.”

“Some grubby old man walk­ing around the place pulling girls’ pony­tails.”

“Giv­ing tod­dlers mega­phones to play with.”

“‘Smashed’ av­o­cado. It’s just av­o­cado.”

“When your food ar­rives and ev­ery­thing is per­fect but it doesn’t fill the empti­ness in­side and doesn’t numb the pain.”

“No com­plaints, I am just SO joy­ful some­one made me some food, over­charged me for it & I don’t have to lis­ten to teens squab­ble about dishes.”

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