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Tips to sur­viv­ing your first week at a new job

Just as you wouldn’t at­tempt a faux glow without ex­fo­li­at­ing first, start­ing a new job re­quires the proper prep. Anny Ma talks us through the five things you need to pack for your first day at work

1. Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s com­mon sense. Un­for­tu­nately ASOS doesn’t stock INI­TIA­TIVE – it’s some­thing you pos­sess, not pur­chase. The point of hir­ing new em­ploy­ees is to make ev­ery­body’s lives eas­ier, and the bet­ter you can do that, the more valu­able you’ll be­come. Al­ways be the first to put @_an­nyma

your hand up to help out, but don’t make it a big deal. You’re not do­ing the ex­tra work for the ku­dos; you’re do­ing it to ce­ment your­self as a team player. Your girl squad’s only as strong as the weak­est girl, af­ter all. If you see some­body strug­gling with a task, lend a hand - even if they’re too proud to ask. If this means you’re seal­ing en­velopes for an hour, or stand­ing for three hours in your new heels look­ing for a file from 2003... well, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Some­body’s al­ways watch­ing, and the pay-off will come down the track. Use your ini­tia­tive, but also stay in your lane, which brings us to…

OB­SER­VA­TION. When you’re set­tling into a new job, it’s im­por­tant to be mem­o­rable, but also to fit in. Yes, you’ve got a great per­son­al­ity and are an ex­cel­lent ad­di­tion to every team, but each com­pany has its own cul­ture which you’ve got to recog­nise and re­spect. At your last job, tag­ging your col­leagues in memes through­out the day might have been stan­dard, but don’t as­sume it’ll be the same ev­ery­where. Watch how your col­leagues act, and make sure your be­hav­iour mir­rors theirs. If peo­ple aren’t talk­ing about what hap­pened last night on The Bach­e­lor, maybe leave that chat for wine time. Do your col­leagues buy cof­fee be­fore or dur­ing work? Is ca­sual Fri­day a thing? Do peo­ple use their phones dur­ing the day? Eat your lunch at your desk for your first week, and see how ev­ery­body else be­haves dur­ing a more re­laxed time of day. If you’re not pow­er­ing through your work­load as you eat, fa­mil­iarise your­self with the food chain to see where ev­ery­body fits in, es­pe­cially in re­la­tion to you. Who knows, you may dis­cover a role you’d like to work to­wards, or a per­son you’d love to have men­tor you along in your quest to be­come Queen of the Yo-pros.


FLEX­I­BIL­ITY is an­other key to ca­reer suc­cess, and we aren’t talk­ing about your Down­ward Dog skills. Be pre­pared to stay late some days, and have span­ners thrown into your work­load at any given mo­ment. How you deal with


the span­ners says a lot about you to your col­leagues - do you have a re­al­ity TV wor­thy melt­down, or do you han­dle your­self with the diplo­macy of Michelle Obama? Pro-tip: you want to be calm and pos­i­tive like our fave for­mer First Lady, of­fer­ing more so­lu­tions than prob­lems. If you’re un­sure how to re­act, just think back to The Devil Wears Prada and ask “What would Andy do?” The Andy who gets ad­vance copies of Harry Pot­ter, not the Andy who walks away from her boss in Paris, obvs.


Speak­ing of Andy – she was a bloody cynic at the start of the movie, but with an at­ti­tude ad­just­ment, she started to flour­ish in Fer­rag­amo, thus prov­ing that a bit of POS­I­TIV­ITY al­ways goes far. If peo­ple can’t re­mem­ber your name, at least they’ll re­mem­ber your sunny dis­po­si­tion. Even when your to-do list is longer than an emo­tional Face­book rant, just keep swim­ming. Look for the pos­i­tives in each sit­u­a­tion, and you’ll power through the work. And hey, if you can’t think of any pos­i­tives, dream of pay­day and fake it till you make it! Hello, Deadly Ponies bag.


The hard­est trait to put into prac­tice is HU­MIL­ITY, but it’s also su­per im­por­tant. When you’re new, you’re start­ing at the bot­tom. At your last job you were probs quite se­nior, and had su­per so­cial re­la­tion­ships with your work mates. At your new job, you’re go­ing to have to start over to find your gal pals, and do work you think is be­neath you – like cov­er­ing re­cep­tion or mak­ing a soy matcha latte for a visi­tor. While a slice of hum­ble pie might be hard to swal­low, it’s the only zero-calo­rie pie that ex­ists! Don’t think you’re too good for any­thing, be­cause your #1 mo­ti­va­tion should be help­ing your work­place achieve its goals. Your #2 mo­ti­va­tion? Be­ing able to pay your bills AND buy the bag.

“If you can’t think of any pos­i­tives, dream of pay­day and fake it till you make it. Hello, Deadly Ponies bag”

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