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Your pro­file should re­flect who you are, so use a clear im­age. Be ac­tive enough that po­ten­tial suit­ors know you’re around to re­ply; just don’t go on every hour. Too provoca­tive posts will at­tract a cer­tain kind of per­son. Avoid DTFS, FWBS and HNGS (Google those, but not at work). Save your­self from end­ing up on Tin­der Night­mares by swip­ing left on all D-bags in top­less gym self­ies. Or, avoid Tin­der al­to­gether and flirt over Snapchat. Start by re­ply­ing to your crush’s Snap story and see where it goes. Don’t for­get a goofy selfie that shows you look cute in your PJS, but re­sist the temp­ta­tion to screen­shot any of their snaps. Too keen.

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