The chang­ing mo­tor­ing world

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It’s in­ter­est­ing to see how the world is chang­ing around us, and how the var­i­ous camps in the world of mo­tor­ing are pan­ning out.

First, there are the out-and-out petrol­heads, peo­ple who have grown up around cars, who love the smell of high oc­tane fuel and the roar of a V8 ex­haust – and some­times the screech of tyres, pro­vided it isn’t in their neigh­bour­hood!

Then there are those who like the look and feel of a fast car, but don’t care what sort of en­gine it’s got, whether it’s front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive, so long as it makes them look good when they’re driv­ing it.

The third class, if you like, is com­prised of those who don’t care how fast the car goes, or pretty much how pretty or ugly it is, so long as it gets them from A to B safely and in rea­son­able com­fort, while not us­ing too much fuel.

There’s a fourth class, and it’s those who need any sort of trans­port they can af­ford, but would dearly love to have some­thing bet­ter, safer, faster, and more eco­nom­i­cal.

And the fifth class, and one which seems to be grow­ing (although many of them also fit into our “Class 3”) are those who are look­ing to­wards elec­tric ve­hi­cles as a means to “green” the planet, and per­haps cut our re­liance on fos­sil fu­els.

This “Class 5” can be sub­di­vided into three more cat­e­gories.

There are the out-and-out “greenies” who be­lieve they’ll save the planet if they drive an elec­tric car or hy­brid.

Next there are the early adopters, those who feel they should be at the cut­ting edge of tech­nol­ogy, and who need the “lat­est and great­est” to con­vince oth­ers of this.

And fi­nally there are the watch­ers. Those who keep close tabs on the new tech­nol­ogy, of­ten for its own sake, who are bal­anced and prag­matic about the ad­vances be­ing made, while also be­ing aware of the pit­falls, and who will adopt elec­tric mo­tor­ing when or if it suits them, and their pocket.

Which are you?

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