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Re­mem­ber the Dodge Tom­a­hawk? It was shown at the Detroit Mo­tor Show back in 2003, and was fit­ted with a mas­sive 8.3-litre 370kW V10 en­gine out of a Dodge Viper, with sug­ges­tions that it might go as fast as 400km/h.

How­ever, so far non-one has ac­tu­ally seen the four-wheeled beast ac­tu­ally in mo­tion, and in fact Dodge has de­scribed it as a “rolling sculp­ture” that wasn’t meant to be rid­den, although re­ports in­di­cate that as many as nine may have been sold.

In fact, the Tom­a­hawk was lit­tle more than a gim­mick to show that the Chrysler group – and re­mem­ber, this was be­fore the Fiat takeover – had some life left in it at an time when its for­tunes were flag­ging.

What­ever, no mat­ter what hap­pened to the Tom­a­hawk, the con­cept of a four-wheeled mo­tor­cy­cle with a very pow­er­ful car en­gine lived on in the imag­i­na­tion of au­to­mo­tive and in­dus­trial de­signer Lu­dovic Lazareth, who lives in France, close to the Swiss bor­der south of Geneva.

And to il­lus­trate his skills, and fuel his pas­sion, he has de­signed the LM847, a mo­tor­cy­cle very much in the id­iom of the Tom­a­hawk, but fit­ted with a 4.7-litre Maserati V8 en­gine, and with a tilt­ing mech­a­nism that al­lows it not just to be rid­den, but to be as docile as any su­per-bike, around town as well as on the open road.

In fact, Lazareth wrote to tell us there’s a new video on his web­site, and it cer­tainly proves that the LM847 is not just le­git­i­mate, but street-le­gal! Have a look here, it’s stun­ning: www.youtube.com/ watch?v=gGmWm1i6pVo

The LM847 is very sim­i­lar to that orig­i­nal Tom­a­hawk in ba­sic con­cept, with four sin­gle sided swing arms for the sus­pen­sion, 420mm rim-mounted brakes with eight pis­tons at the front and dou­ble 225mm Brembo fourpis­ton discs at the rear, plus dual hub­cen­tre steer­ing. The brake levers are re­versed on the han­dle­bar to im­prove er­gonomics, with the mech­a­nism con­tained in­side the han­dle­bar.

Lazareth de­scribes it as a four-wheel tilt­ing mo­tor­cy­cle, with a spe­cific kine­mat­ics de­sign with independent sus­pen­sion each side to al­low it to lean.

Power from the 32-valve V8 Maserati en­gine (from the Qu­at­tro­porte) is trans­mit­ted via a torque con­verter to two chains which split the 350kW and mas­sive 620Nm of torque. There’s only one speed, and 0-160 km/h takes only sec­onds, says Lu­dovic.

The bike sits on a 1,850mm wheel­base on 17-inch wheels. It’s 2,650mm long, 900mm wide, and 1,000mm high, and weighs just 400kg – which is about twice the weight of a mod­ern su­per­bike.

How much? You’ll have to ask Lu­dovic!

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