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The de­mand for top-qual­ity bat­tery care and ser­vice has grown swiftly over the past decade as cars be­come more hi-tech and com­pli­cated, and driv­ers more re­liant on elec­tron­ics.

Be­cause of the work­load the av­er­age car bat­tery car­ries, it is im­por­tant bat­ter­ies get reg­u­lar ser­vic­ing, just like any other ve­hi­cle com­po­nent.

Which is why own­ers of to­day’s tech­ni­cally ad­vanced cars are turn­ing to trusted and pro­fes­sional auto re­pair shops to keep their cars – and their bat­ter­ies – on the road longer.

The pru­dent car owner will pay a pro­fes­sional to en­sure their bat­ter­ies are not go­ing to fail so they never have to put their day on hold while wait­ing for road­side as­sis­tance.

Reg­u­lar ser­vic­ing doesn’t just pro­tect bat­ter­ies, it pro­tects your rep­u­ta­tion. Lead­ing garages are adding to their rep­u­ta­tion by of­fer­ing bat­tery ser­vic­ing as a fea­ture of a reg­u­lar ser­vice for an ad­di­tional fee.

Ser­vic­ing a ve­hi­cle can put stress on an un­der­charged bat­tery, leav­ing it at risk of fail­ure. In to­day’s com­pet­i­tive mar­ket, a failed bat­tery, days after a ser­vice, will af­fect a garage’s rep­u­ta­tion, cus­tomer loy­alty and fu­ture sales.

The trend for a reg­u­lar bat­tery ser­vice has stirred com­pe­ti­tion in the auto ser­vice in­dus­try and com­pelled garage work­shops to buy the lat­est charger tech­nol­ogy which is bet­ter suited to charge bat­ter­ies in hi-tech ve­hi­cles.

Many of the new­est charg­ers, such as the CTEK MXTS 40, en­able work­shops to be more pro­duc­tive.

A tech­no­log­i­cally ad­vanced, pow­er­ful and light­weight work­shop charger.

The tech­no­log­i­cally-ad­vanced, pow­er­ful and light­weight CTEK MXTS40 work­shop charger gets the job done much safer and faster, so me­chan­ics can keep the work­shop at full flow.

The CTEK MXTS 40 is a fully-au­to­matic eight-step “smart” charger, easy to use, and re­quires no spe­cial­ist knowl­edge or mon­i­tor­ing – sim­ply con­nect, for­get and carry on with a nor­mal ser­vice with­out the wor­ry­ing about the risk of over­charg­ing.

This unit is de­signed for the auto pro­fes­sional and many work­shops have suc­cess­fully up­dated their bat­tery ser­vic­ing tech­nol­ogy with CTEK bat­tery charg­ers, which are trusted in New Zealand, and around the world.

The MXTS 40 re­stores, charges and re­con­di­tions the bat­tery us­ing a patented multi-step charg­ing process. The ad­vanced elec­tron­ics of CTEK mean that it is com­pletely safe for the ve­hi­cle. It won’t dis­rupt sen­si­tive ve­hi­cle elec­tron­ics, so there is no need to dis­con­nect the bat­tery to charge it.

The MXTS 40 can also be used as a power sup­ply for di­ag­nos­tic or soft­ware flash­ing work. Fault-find­ing with di­ag­nos­tic tools should only be car­ried out whilst the ve­hi­cle is con­nected to an ad­e­quate and sta­ble source of power to avoid in­ac­cu­rate data be­ing sent back to the di­ag­nos­tic de­vice.

Sim­i­larly, a pre­cise and sta­ble volt­age is nec­es­sary dur­ing ECU pro­gram­ming to avoid ir­repara­ble dam­age to the ve­hi­cle’s elec­tronic con­trol sys­tems.

The MXTS 40 can meet these needs by de­liv­er­ing up to 40A of vari­able yet ex­tremely sta­ble bat­tery sup­port.

It is a highly por­ta­ble de­vice that comes with 2.5 me­tre ca­bles and de­tach­able clamps mak­ing it a sim­ple-to-use, smart charger that can be used with all types of 12v and 24v lead-acid bat­ter­ies in­clud­ing AGM and GEL. An easy-to-read LED in­ter­face pro­vides clear read­outs of cur­rent, volt­age and amp charges.

The MXTS 40 is IP20 clas­si­fied which makes it tough enough for the busiest work­shop and comes with a two-year war­ranty and a host of safety fea­tures in­clud­ing non-spark­ing re­verse po­lar­ity pro­tec­tion, spark proof­ing and tem­per­a­ture com­pen­sa­tion.

The CTEK MXTS 40 lets the auto work­shop con­fi­dently meet the ad­vanced bat­tery care needs of cus­tomers.

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