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When re­plac­ing an oil seal, the last thing me­chan­ics and work­shop own­ers want is for the re­pair to fail and the cus­tomer to re­turn with their ve­hi­cle leak­ing en­gine oil.

“Whether they’re on the camshaft, front or rear crank­shaft, oils seals can be awk­ward and hard to ac­cess – re­plac­ing rear main oil seals in par­tic­u­lar is a sig­nif­i­cant job,” says Mo­to­specs/Kel­pro prod­uct man­ager, Tim Wig­gins. “It’s def­i­nitely not a job you want to do twice!

“The only way to en­sure you don’t end up hav­ing to re­place an oil seal more than once is to use an OEM qual­ity re­place­ment seal in the first place.”

Not all the same

“Ad­vances in tech­nol­ogy over the past decade mean that en­gines now work faster and at higher tem­per­a­tures. As a re­sult of the ex­tra heat in to­day’s en­gines, oil seals must be man­u­fac­tured us­ing highly durable ma­te­ri­als such as DuPont Vi­ton, sil­i­con and Poly­acry­late,” ex­plains Tim.

“Oil seals that are not man­u­fac­tured to OEM spec­i­fi­ca­tions us­ing the cor­rect ma­te­ri­als in­crease the chance that the oil seal re­place­ment will fail.

“Par­tic­u­larly on late model ve­hi­cles, oil seals man­u­fac­tured with in­fe­rior ma­te­ri­als such as ni­trile will not stand up to to­day’s en­gine con­di­tions and are very likely to leak as a re­sult.”

Why Kel­pro?

Kel­pro oil seals only use ex­act OEM ma­te­rial spec­i­fi­ca­tions in all en­gine and trans­mis­sion oil seals for most ve­hi­cle ap­pli­ca­tions from 1996. This means all Kel­pro seals are made with the su­pe­rior ma­te­ri­als ca­pa­ble of tol­er­at­ing the high tem­per­a­tures and high speeds in to­day’s en­gines.

“An­other key fac­tor in re­plac­ing oil seals is to en­sure you are us­ing a seal that fits per­fectly. It can be tempt­ing to find a re­place­ment seal that’s roughly the same size as the old seal, but a re­pair done us­ing an in­cor­rectly-sized seal will not hold up, par­tic­u­larly if it’s made of in­fe­rior ma­te­ri­als.”

Kel­pro oil seals are the ex­act size as the OEM seal, en­sur­ing a re­pair done with a Kel­pro oil seal is a re­pair that’s go­ing to last.

Kel­pro’s range of OEM gen­uine oil seals has re­cently ex­panded to in­clude top sell­ing rear main oil seals sourced di­rectly from Ja­panese OEM sup­pli­ers in­clud­ing Ford, Toy­ota, Subaru, Nis­san and Hyundai.

“This ad­di­tion to the range pro­vides me­chan­ics and work­shops with more op­tions. The top sell­ing OEM rear main oil seals now fea­ture a ‘G’ at the end of the part num­ber, so you can be 100 per­cent con­fi­dent they are gen­uine OEM oil seals, sourced from OEM sup­pli­ers,” says Tim.

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