Two tips bet­ter than one

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Denso’s rev­o­lu­tion­ary Twin-Tip de­sign in­tro­duces the idea that two tips are bet­ter than one. Why? Be­cause the ad­di­tional tip on the ground elec­trode re­sults in less ob­struc­tion of spark growth, while still main­tain­ing the same gap. Less in­ter­fer­ence at the spark ori­gin (quench­ing) means bet­ter ig­nitabil­ity for a more pow­er­ful and fuel ef­fi­cient com­bus­tion.

Nickel TT spark plug

A true world first, Denso’s patented Nickel TT spark plug fea­tures a nickel cen­tre and a “twin” pro­trud­ing ground elec­trode with a slim­mer 1.5mm di­am­e­ter. This highly ig­nitable tech­nol­ogy achieves ig­ni­tion ef­fi­ciency closer to Denso’s pre­mium Irid­ium ranges, in a de­sign that does not re­quire ex­pen­sive pre­cious met­als.

Nickel TT ad­van­tages:

Im­proved per­for­mance for a lower cost. The Nickel TT Spark Plug range is aimed at driv­ers who care about value for money and savings on fuel. Re­duced emis­sions and im­proved ig­nitabil­ity leads to less com­bus­tion fluc­tu­a­tion, re­sult­ing in less fuel con­sump­tion and sig­nif­i­cantly re­duced CO, CO2 and HC emis­sions. Less stock, same cov­er­age. The com­plete Nickel TT Spark Plug range is highly con­sol­i­dated, com­pris­ing of 16 con­ve­nient part num­bers that cover most of the pop­u­lar ap­pli­ca­tions within New Zealand.

Irid­ium TT spark plug

Denso’s com­mit­ment to tech­nol­ogy has pro­duced what it claims is the most ad­vanced spark plug on the mar­ket: the Irid­ium TT.

The Irid­ium TT fea­tures the world’s small­est 0.4mm Irid­ium cen­tre elec­trodee and 0.7mm nee­dle tip groundg elec­trode, which min­imises sparks in­ter­fer­ence and thus max­imises ig­nitabil­ity.

Denso says these spark plugs de­liver t the best all-around per­for­mance, e ex­cep­tional fuel econ­omy and e ex­tra­or­di­nary en­durance – in fact, t they’re de­signed to last 100,000km, a all while pro­vid­ing bet­ter horse­power, t torque and fuel econ­omy.

Irid­ium TT spark plugs are s suit­able for: Long dis­tance and heavy use driv­ers. By greatly min­imis­ing elec­trode wear, Denso im­proved mileage and ex­tended the plug’s use­ful life. Longevity pro­vides you with peace of mind and safety when us­ing Irid­ium TT plugs. Driv­ers who care about fuel con­sump­tion. 100,000km ser­vice in­ter­val – pro­vid­ing cov­er­age for most makes and mod­els on the road to­day. Avail­able through Diesel and Turbo, Welling­ton: www.diese­land­

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