Bendix ad­vises on brake wear signs

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Bendix pro­vides ad­vice on signs of brake pad wear and un­even pad wear ,and the im­por­tance of reg­u­lar main­tenance to the brak­ing sys­tem.

A ve­hi­cle brak­ing sys­tem plays an im­por­tant role in keep­ing peo­ple safe on the road, and be­cause of this wear­ing com­po­nents in the fric­tion area such as brake pads, calipers and ro­tors, all play an im­por­tant role in stop­ping power.

The rate of wear de­pends on a wide range of vari­ables such as the choice of brake pad, driv­ing style, mileage trav­elled, the con­di­tion of the ro­tors and whether the brake calipers are work­ing as they are de­signed.

There are a few signs to look for which in­di­cate that the brake pads are reach­ing the end of their ser­vice life or are wear­ing un­evenly. If the brake pads are wear­ing out they will not be work­ing as ef­fec­tively as they used to and an­other ob­vi­ous in­di­ca­tion is a squeal­ing sound on brak­ing as the wear sen­sors come in con­tact with the ro­tors.

Vi­bra­tion is also a sign, and in more ex­treme cases a metal­lic scap­ing noise where the metal back­ing plate is com­ing in con­tact with the ro­tor.

In most cases it is pos­si­ble to get a good view with­out hav­ing to take off the wheel to view the brake calipers to gauge the level of brake pads that is left. The lat­est brake wear in­di­ca­tor from Bendix makes this even sim­pler as there is an im­print on the side of each pad clearly marked “Re­place” at the ul­ti­mate wear point. This is also a guide to un­even wear if one pad is worn down more than an­other.

Un­even wear is of­ten a prob­lem caused by disc thick­ness vari­a­tion (DTV), where the ro­tors can wear down the brake pad due to the pad only be­ing in con­tact with flat spots of the disc. Where this is iden­ti­fied the ro­tor should be re­placed or ma­chined and all com­po­nents cleaned thor­oughly with Bendix brake/parts cleaner and de­greaser to clear away any dirt and pro­vide an anti-rust coat­ing.

In the case of un­even wear, com­po­nents such as the guide pins in the calipers can seize, and th­ese need to be eased out and lu­bri­cated with Bendix Ce­ramic High Per­for­mance Syn­thetic Lu­bri­cant or in ex­treme cases the calipers re­placed.

Bendix rec­om­mends reg­u­lar main­tenance of the brak­ing sys­tem in the in­ter­ests of safer mo­tor­ing.

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