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Es­tab­lished in 1995, Royal Pre­ci­sion Lu­bri­cants are man­u­fac­tured to a high stan­dard that utilises cut­ting edge ad­di­tive tech­nol­ogy and for­mu­lates fin­ished prod­ucts us­ing pre­mium min­eral, syn­thetic and PAO/Ester base oils, blend­ing in ex­cess of 18 full syn­thetic en­gine oils.

The pri­mary per­for­mance ad­van­tage of syn­thetic base oils is their abil­ity to cope with an ex­tended range of tem­per­a­tures. They also ex­hibit out­stand­ing flow char­ac­ter­is­tics at ex­tremely low tem­per­a­tures and their sta­bil­ity at ex­tremely high tem­per­a­tures make th­ese oils prefer­able over Group 1 and 2 oils in high per­for­mance, high tem­per­ate ap­pli­ca­tions and ap­pli­ca­tion in very cold start cli­matic con­di­tions. Ad­di­tion­ally, as en­gine tol­er­ances con­tinue to re­duce, th­ese flu­ids will of­fer the cold flow flu­id­ity to be pre­ferred in per­for­mance by mod­ern Group 1 Orig­i­nal Equip­ment Man­u­fac­tur­ers.

Base oils can be seg­mented into three ba­sic va­ri­eties – fully syn­thetic oil, syn­thetic blends, and min­eral oil.

Full syn­thetic oils are de­rived from crude oil or byprod­ucts. They have gone through a chem­i­cal process rather than con­ven­tional re­fine­ment used for min­eral oil. Fully syn­thetic oil mol­e­cules are more uni­form in shape with fewer im­pu­ri­ties and bet­ter prop­er­ties, they have much bet­ter ex­treme high tem­per­a­ture and low tem­per­a­ture per­for­mance.

Syn­thetic oils are gen­er­ally for­mu­lated with higher per­form­ing ad­di­tives. The base oils are cat­e­gorised by Amer­i­can Petroleum In­sti­tute into API Groups III, IV & V. PAO is des­ig­nated at API Group IV and are a 100 per­cent syn­thetic chem­i­cal com­pound. Es­ters are the most fa­mous syn­thet­ics in Group V, which are 100 per­cent syn­thetic chem­i­cal com­pounds con­sist­ing of a car­bonyl ad­ja­cent to an ether link­age.

Semi-syn­thetic oils are a mix­ture of min­eral oil and syn­thetic oil, with no more than 30 per­cent syn­thetic base oil, which are en­gi­neered to have many of the ben­e­fits of full syn­thetic oil with­out the cost.

How­ever, be­ware, be­cause many blenders pass off lower lev­els of syn­thetic base oils in for­mu­la­tions and even go as far as call­ing Group 2 base oil semi-syn­thetic. Th­ese are done to cre­ate cheap price point or im­proved prof­its.

Tra­di­tional oil, or min­eral oil, is what it sounds, oil from deep down in the earth’s crust. The crude oil is re­fined in a process that re­moves un­wanted im­pu­ri­ties such as phos­pho­rus, sul­phur, and met­als.

How­ever, con­ven­tional re­fine­ment will not re­move all un­wanted chem­i­cals that can af­fect the size and struc­tural ar­range­ment of the mol­e­cules. As a re­sult, the molecule chains may break and de­grade the abil­ity of the oil film to per­form all of the crit­i­cal tasks within an en­gine. Mod­ern car en­gines are built with ex­treme tol­er­ances and the tra­di­tional oil sim­ply can­not de­liver the lu­bri­ca­tion they need.

What next? Royal Nex­gen 5W-30 is a full syn­thetic mo­tor oil ex­ceed­ing GM Dexos 1TM Gen 2 and is for­mu­lated to pro­vide low speed preig­ni­tion pro­tec­tion and the lat­est GM re­quire­ments. Nex­gen 5W-30 meets the high­est API SN and ILSAC GF-5+ per­for­mance level.

Low speed pre-ig­ni­tion or LSPI has been iden­ti­fied in high out­put, mod­ern petrol en­gines and is an ab­nor­mal com­bus­tion event in which the fuel-air mix­ture ig­nites be­fore in­tended, caus­ing ex­ces­sive pres­sures in­side the en­gine’s cylin­ders which can cause en­gine dam­age. There are sev­eral fac­tors that con­trib­ute to LSPI, of which lu­bri­cat­ing oil has been ob­served to be one.

LSPI is most com­mon in tur­bocharged, di­rect injection en­gines op­er­at­ing in low speed and high load driv­ing con­di­tions but un­like con­ven­tional knock, an LSPI event can­not be pre­dicted and cor­rected by ad­just­ing spark tim­ing. As such, mit­i­gat­ing pre-ig­ni­tion has been achieved by al­ter­ing the com­po­si­tion of the lu­bri­cant’s ad­di­tives to help avoid this is­sue.

Royal Nex­gen is avail­able through Part­mas­ter branches na­tion­wide. www.part­mas­

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