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Give your man a head start in the groom­ing stakes with new Gil­lette MACH3 Turbo Sen­si­tive. This clever ra­zor of­fers a close shave with less ir­ri­ta­tion, even on the most sen­si­tive parts of his face - so he can en­joy a smoother, more com­fort­able shave, and help him achieve healthy, kiss­able skin … be­cause ir­ri­ta­tion no longer has to be an in­evitable part of shav­ing.

With in­no­va­tive fea­tures like ad­vanced triple-blade tech­nol­ogy that de­liv­ers less pres­sure on the skin, an en­hanced Lubras­trip with the sooth­ing and cool­ing ef­fects of Aloe Vera im­proves lu­bri­ca­tion for a longer last­ing glide, while the Front Piv­ot­ing Head im­proves the over­all per­for­mance, close­ness and smooth­ness of the shave, so men can en­joy a com­fort­able shave with less ir­ri­ta­tion, even on the most sen­si­tive ar­eas of the face - in­clud­ing the neck and jaw line. In­di­vid­u­ally spring-mounted blades au­to­mat­i­cally ad­just and re­spond to the curves of his face and skin. Three pro­gres­sively aligned blades de­liver less pres­sure on the skin, while each blade shaves the hair pro­gres­sively closer, de­liv­er­ing a more ef­fi­cient shave with fewer to­tal strokes and less ir­ri­ta­tion.

Gil­lette also of­fers a lead­ing range of shave care prod­ucts de­signed for use be­fore, dur­ing and af­ter the shave to pro­vide an ideal shav­ing ex­pe­ri­ence - even for sen­si­tive skin. The range, which is an im­por­tant part of the Gil­lette MACH3 Turbo Sen­si­tive shav­ing reg­i­men, in­cludes: Daily cleans­ing: Gil­lette Se­ries Sen­si­tive Face Wash. A non-dry­ing, soap-free for­mula that hydrates and soft­ens the hair, mak­ing it eas­ier to cut. Gil­lette Se­ries Ther­mal Scrub. Gil­lette’s first-ever self-heat­ing pre-shave scrub gen­tly warms the skin as it ex­fo­li­ates, clear­ing the path for the ra­zor and soften­ing the facial hair for eas­ier cut­ting. Pre shave: Gil­lette Se­ries Pure & Sen­si­tive Shave Gel is the es­sen­tial part­ner for the new Gil­lette MACH3 Sen­si­tive ra­zor, pro­vid­ing a pro­tec­tive anti-fric­tion layer. Pure & Sen­si­tive Shave Gel con­tains three ad­vanced lu­bri­cants to en­hance ra­zor glide, and is free of fra­grance or dye to avoid ir­ri­tat­ing sen­si­tive skin. Dur­ing the shave: The ra­zor is the foun­da­tion of a great shave. Gil­lette MACH3 Turbo Sen­si­tive fea­tures blade tech­nol­ogy that ex­erts less pres­sure on the skin, pro­vid­ing an ex­cep­tion­ally close shave with­out sac­ri­fic­ing safety and com­fort.

Get Him to Fol­low th­ese sim­ple steps for Gil­lette’s best shave:

• Use a light touch. Use light,

gen­tle strokes when shav­ing and rinse the ra­zor fre­quently to pre­vent a build-up of hairs and shave gel on the blade edges and in the car­tridge.

• Make sure your blade is fresh.

With a Gil­lette ra­zor, you’ll know it is time to re­place your blade when the Lubras­trip fades to white or when you feel the ra­zor drag on your face.

• Shave hard-to-reach spots

last. Shave cheeks, sides of face and neck first. The tough­est whiskers grow on the chin and around the lips. Shave th­ese ar­eas last, as more time soak­ing in shav­ing gel will soften hair fur­ther. Af­ter the shave: Gil­lette Se­ries Af­ter-The-Shave Balm fea­tures a light­weight blend of con­di­tion­ers that helps calm just-shaved skin, re­hy­drat­ing and re­duc­ing tight­ness.

Gil­lette Se­ries Mois­tur­izer with SPF 15 helps restore the skin’s mois­ture bar­rier, leav­ing it feel­ing smooth and com­fort­able.

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