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Take con­trol of your youth with Thalgo’s new ground­break­ing anti-age­ing sk­in­care range. From the lead­ers in marine sci­en­tific re­search, this in­no­va­tive anti-age­ing so­lu­tion pre­vents and as­sists to cor­rect the signs of skin age­ing via three facial pro­grams - each util­is­ing unique marine tech­nol­ogy. Th­ese pro­grams in­clude ad­vanced cos­metic prod­ucts used dur­ing pro­fes­sional facial treat­ments as well as be­ing used at home for op­ti­mum re­sults.

The key in­gre­di­ents in­cluded in Thalgo’s Anti-Age­ing Range, are two unique red al­gae: Meris­totheca dakaraen­sis for its abil­ity to pro­tect the epi­der­mis’ struc­tures and stim­u­late the molecules that make up the der­mis, and Pal­maria pal­mata, rich in vi­ta­mins A, B, C and E as well as min­er­als and es­sen­tial ele­ments that are part of or­ganic syn­the­sis pro­cesses. From this al­gae base, Thalgo sci­en­tists have de­vel­oped three ex­clu­sive sk­in­care pro­grams, to specif­i­cally tar­get the in­di­vid­ual skin-con­cerns of women at dif­fer­ent stages in life:

Thalgo’s Marine Col­la­gen Pro­gramme

(Smooth­ing care for women 25 – 34 years) The age­ing process is due to a lack of col­la­gen in the skin, which be­gins around the age of 25 and in­creases as the years go by. Col­la­gen is the most abun­dant pro­tein of the body – giv­ing skin its firm­ness. With this in mind Thalgo cre­ated the Marine Col­la­gen Pro­gramme to smooth out first wrin­kles, mois­turise the skin and restore ra­di­ance and soft­ness for women aged 25 – 34. There’s Marine Col­la­gen Cream with a rich tex­ture that smooths and strength­ens facial skin cells and help­ing to pre­vent new lines form­ing. Marine Col­la­gen Con­cen­trate is an in­ten­sive treat­ment to in­stantly even out wrin­kles. Col­la­gen Smooth & Facial Fill is avail­able from your Thalgo ther­a­pist and will leave your skin glow­ing and feel­ing ul­tra smooth.

Thalgo’s Hyaluronic Com­plex Pro­gramme

(Fill­ing care for women 35 – 44 years) From the age of 35, the emer­gence of frown lines and the slight deep­en­ing of naso-labial folds are com­mon. A lack of col­la­gen is ac­com­pa­nied by a re­duc­tion in the skin’s ca­pac­ity to pro­duce hyaluronic acid, which con­trib­utes to the process of skin age­ing. To com­bat this, Thalgo per­fected their Marine Hyaluronic Com­plex which ef­fec­tively as­sists to fill-in es­tab­lished wrin­kles and re­stores youth­ful ra­di­ance to the face. Their Hyaluronic Cream is a youth-restor­ing force that helps to erase fine lines and fills deeper wrin­kles from the in­side. Use Hyaluronic Mask just once a week, and Hyaluronic Filler daily on your deep­est wrin­kles. Your ther­a­pist can pro­vide you with a 60-minute Hyaluronic Filler Facial to soften and erase fine lines and wrin­kles – re­sults you will no­tice af­ter just one ses­sion!

Thalgo’s Marine Sili­cium Pro­gramme

(Lift­ing care for women 45 years +) From the age of 45, skin thins out, and loses its den­sity and firm­ness – skin sags and the face oval be­comes less de­fined. Re­search shows this is linked to a fall in the level of nat­u­ral sili­cium in the skin, added to the lack of col­la­gen and hyaluronic acid. Thalgo has per­fected a Marine Sili­cium Com­plex, to re­build the der­mic ma­trix by ac­ti­vat­ing the syn­the­sis of col­la­gen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, and as­sists to restore bounce, firm­ness and youth to the skin. Sili­cium Cream makes skin firmer while lift­ing fea­tures and Sili­cium Con­cen­trate fills from the in­side, as­sist­ing to re­struc­ture skin and leave it sup­ple and vel­vety. Sili­cium Ex­tracts – Face Con­tours & Neck is rich in caf­feine and marine sili­cium. Your ther­a­pist can of­fer a 75-minute Su­per-Lift facial that com­bines marine hyaluronic acid molecules and marine sili­cium for op­ti­mum re­sults. Af­ter just one treat­ment wrin­kles are less no­tice­able and skin feels and looks firmer.

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