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Cream but­ter till light and fluffy, but still cool, not too warm Re­move from mixer Com­bine su­gar, flour, salt and egg white, mix to paste con­sis­tency Grad­u­ally add but­ter, mix­ing in be­tween ad­di­tions. Lastly add black se­same seeds Smooth out into a ring tem­plate to pro­duce flat disks on non-stick bak­ing pa­per Bake un­til golden. While hot, shape into cones

Gravalax with Beetroot 1 side of salmon 450g Brown cof­fee su­gar crys­tals 150g rock salt 1 tblsp fen­nel seed - crushed 6 ju­niper berries - crushed 1 tblsp vodka 2 large beetroot Clean the salmon, leav­ing the skin on. In a bowl mix the spices with salt and su­gar Line a tray with plas­tic wrap - enough to wrap over the salmon af­ter the next two stages Wash the salmon flesh with the vodka Cover the salmon with the salt mix­ture. Try to get the layer even. Wrap in the plas­tic and put in fridge for three days Re­move and brush off the salt and su­gar Place into a new plas­tic lined tray and press the grated beetroot onto the flesh. Leave 24 hours Re­move and rinse off Beetroot

Cut down the mid­dle length­wise and wrap and freeze. This salmon can be carved from the fil­let frozen. Al­low to de­frost be­fore use.


Avocado Puree: Se­lect ripe avocado and puree with lime juice, fresh co­rian­der and sea salt Pipe into cones, top with rolled slices of Beetroot and salmon and gar­nish Al­ter­nately fill cone with French Goat Cheese and top with a lightly smoked Tomato

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