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K is for Knitwear

What’s not to love – it’s soft, warm, com­fort­able and per­fect for lay­er­ing over a shirt or un­der a jacket and best when made of pure merino wool. In Me­dieval times, the is­land of Jersey was fa­mous for its knit­ting trade and the name has stuck ever since.

L is for Linen

Linen is a tex­tile pro­duced from the fi­bres of the flax plant and possesses two key fea­tures – it feels very cool to touch and wear and it creases eas­ily, al­though this is of­ten con­sid­ered part of its charm. We don’t pro­duce linen in NZ as the plants we com­monly re­fer to as “flax” aren’t ac­tu­ally flax plants! Be­cause Maori used the plants to make fi­bres, An­glo­phone set­tlers in­cor­rectly used the com­mon name flax!

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