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Gyp­sophlia, or Baby’s Breath as it is some­times called, is back in fash­ion and can be used in many ways for your spe­cial day.

It has long been very popular as a “filler flower,” used in de­signs to fill the space be­tween large blooms, such as roses and car­na­tions. This blast from the past with its dainty, tiny blooms can look re­ally el­e­gant … and very, very fem­i­nine.

There seem to be two main trends on the bou­quet front : ei­ther the bride opts for a hand-tied bou­quet purely of Gyp­sophila, or she’ll have a bou­quet of as­sorted flow­ers and fo­liage, with her brides­maids or flow­er­girls car­ry­ing Gyp­sophlia bou­quets.

I’m very fond of the grow­ing trend of us­ing hang­ing jars to dec­o­rate wed­ding venues, and Gyp­sophlia looks per­fect hung in jam jars from beams, on the backs of chairs, or on shep­herd’s hooks.

Per­son­ally, I pre­fer to use it on its own as it of­fers a more con­tem­po­rary and dra­matic look.

When many of the stems are massed to­gether, they cre­ate a lush, yet airy look that can only be de­scribed as del­i­cate. Even though Gyp­sophlia is thought of as a more af­ford­able op­tion for event flow­ers, keep in mind that with any type flower that is “massed” to­gether, it can get ex­pen­sive be­cause you’ll need to pur­chase more to cre­ate the full look.

Gyp­sophila or Baby’s Breath is a genus of about one hun­dred species of flow­er­ing plants na­tive to Europe, Asia and North Africa. The name was in­spired by its love of cal­cium-rich soils, in­clud­ing gyp­sum. It is also heat, drought and soil tol­er­ant. It’s not called Baby’s Breath be­cause of its del­i­cate form, but more be­cause of its odour.

Dur­ing Vic­to­rian times, it was revered be­cause it sym­bol­ised pu­rity and ever­last­ing love in the lan­guage of flow­ers. Dur­ing that time, Amer­i­cans ad­mired Vic­to­rian gar­dens that fea­tured th­ese as bor­der plants. Now con­sid­ered an in­va­sive plant in parts of the United States, this flower is a sta­ple in most flo­ral shops across the coun­try.

We have been us­ing it as the star­ring flower a lot lately. So what do you think? Are you chang­ing your thoughts on gyp­sophlia, like I have?

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