> Know your home – what are the con­di­tions (light and tem­per­a­ture)? > Re­search – find a plant you like and check whether your house or work­place is suit­able. How much sun­light will the plant need? How much water and how of­ten? Will you need to feed it? > Once you es­tab­lish the plant, keep an eye on it. If it sur­vives the first few weeks with no ill ef­fects, you have prob­a­bly found the right lo­ca­tion for it. > Most in­door plants die from over­wa­ter­ing. Less water is bet­ter than too much. Avoid a des­ig­nated wa­ter­ing day. In­stead, feel the first few cen­time­tres of soil with your fin­ger. If it’s dry, water it. If it’s damp, don’t. > Find quirky spots in your home that might host in­door plants, such as a row of tiny pots on a nar­row win­dow ledge. Just be mind­ful of the con­di­tions the plants re­quire.

> Plants can get sick – note the prob­lem and seek the ad­vice of your lo­cal nurs­ery, a gar­den­ing book or a spe­cial­ist web­site to help find a so­lu­tion. Mag­a­zines and TV pro­grammes can of­fer help­ful tips on plant care.

> Some­times plants die; it hap­pens. Toss it out and try some­thing else. > Don’t give up!

Ex­tract from The Lit­tle

Book of Slow by Sally Wise and Paul Mcin­tyre. Pub­lished by ABC (Harper­collins).

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