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Trans­form a plain con­crete planter into an eye-catch­ing work of mod­ern art and bring na­ture to your door this win­ter

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It’s not a spot you linger in for long, but noth­ing says “wel­come” quite like an eye-catch­ing en­trance­way. A state­ment planter such as this cre­ates a warm, invit­ing mood and sets the tone for the in­te­rior that lies be­yond. Try this easy DIY idea and bring a mod­ern twist to a plain planter.

YOU WILL NEED Con­crete planter pot Drop sheet Cloth Re­sene Con­crete Primer Painter’s mask­ing tape Re­sene test­pots in Re­sene ‘Al­abaster’ and Re­sene ‘Dou­ble Foundry’ Paint brush 1

Set your pot on the drop sheet. With a slightly damp cloth, wipe the pot clean of dust and dirt.


Once dry, seal pot in­side and out with a coat of Re­sene Con­crete Primer. Leave to dry.


Ap­ply two coats of your basecoat colour us­ing a Re­sene test­pot, al­low­ing dry­ing time be­tween coats. Re­sene ‘Al­abaster’ is a good op­tion for a white basecoat and will go with most other colours.


Once the basecoat is dry, mask off a sim­ple de­sign around the pot us­ing painter’s low tack mask­ing tape.


Paint masked-off ar­eas us­ing a Re­sene test­pot and leave to dry. Get this look with Re­sene ‘Dou­ble Foundry’. Add an­other coat if needed. Care­fully re­move the tape be­fore the paint is fully cured.


> Ap­ply the mask­ing tape care­fully and make sure it is stuck down prop­erly with no wrin­kles to en­sure you get a sharp, clean line of paint. > You may need sev­eral coats to achieve your de­sired ef­fect. Just wait for the paint to dry com­pletely be­fore adding an­other coat. > Ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent de­signs – try stripes

or other shapes.

Re­sene ‘Fei­joa’ Re­sene ‘Al­abaster’ Re­sene ‘Dou­ble Foundry’

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