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Na­dia’s son has be­come a fussy eater… Find out what she’s feed­ing him to keep the peace at meal­times

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Haha, who would have thought I’d turn out to be a fussy eater? Not my mum, for one! I ex­pect she thought she had it all sorted and that I was go­ing to love all foods as much as her, but nah. Ac­tu­ally, I reckon I’ve got bet­ter taste buds (I mean, who could like pump­kin?!). I do LOVE carbs (pasta is my favourite), fruit and some­times meat, but when it comes to veges I’m quite picky – broc­coli and peas are nice, but ev­ery­thing else is a bit ho-hum. I hear some mums put them in food when you’re not look­ing, which is very sneaky. Here Mum’s given a few ex­am­ples of the kind of thing these moth­ers get up to. Lucky she doesn’t do that to me!

1 Fruit & vege smoothie

Add a hand­ful of greens (spinach, sil­ver­beet or kale mi­nus stalks) to a fruit smoothie made with flesh of 1-2 or­anges, ½ ba­nana (or ½ cup frozen berries), ¼-½ av­o­cado (op­tional) and wa­ter. Blend. Frozen chopped cauliflower is also great to add; you can’t taste it!

2 Vege frit­tata or omelette

Bodhi loves eggs so I will of­ten chop up the din­ner that he didn’t want to eat (mainly the veg­eta­bles and meat part) and cook it in an omelette for a sec­ond try at din­ner. I don’t like food be­ing wasted and Bodhi seems to think these things taste much bet­ter in an omelette!

3 Frit­ters or bolog­naise sauce

Grated or cooked and mashed veges can be turned into yummy frit­ters with the ad­di­tion of some egg to bind them to­gether and some starch like potato; or add them to a mince bolog­naise sauce. Mmmm.

“I’m not too keen on veg­eta­bles, but I do looove Mum’s home­made ice cream”

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