Cook­ing catas­tro­phes

A mi­crowave night­mare and a deep-fry­ing dis­as­ter

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I was mak­ing packet noo­dles a few years back at my part­ner’s house. He told me to mi­crowave them in hot wa­ter and to use any bowl I could find. I put it in for two min­utes and, af­ter a minute, I re­alised it was a metal bowl with a plas­tic, easy-grip bot­tom. I ran back, opened the mi­crowave and the room filled with black smoke and a ter­ri­ble smell. The plas­tic had melted onto the mi­crowave base so when I picked up the bowl the black plas­tic stretched up like glue then set again, rock solid. It was his grand­mother’s house and they were her new bowls. We man­aged to clean it up in time and scraped off what re­mained of the plas­tic, and she never found out. What a dis­as­ter… – Olivia Bezett, via Face­book When I was 17 I de­cided to cook some home­made deep-fried chips on the stove. I got talk­ing on the phone while the oil was heat­ing, got off the phone, put one chip in the pot then… boom! The flames shot up to the ceil­ing but I man­aged to throw the lid on the pot and run. I couldn’t find the neigh­bours’ gate latch so I just started scream­ing, “Fire! Fire!” Three fire en­gines ar­rived, I got a big lec­ture from the fire­man, and my lovely neigh­bours cleaned the smoke dam­age off the ceil­ing and took down all the burnt pic­tures and cur­tains. I have never deep-fried any­thing on a stove again! – Jo Crossan-had­land, via Face­book

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