Book a Raw Wildlife En­counter in the Gu­nung Leuser Na­tional Park at A sig­nif­i­cant por­tion of the cost goes to­wards The Su­ma­tran Ranger Project. Do­nate to The Su­ma­tran Ranger Project at­tran­rangers and­ere­moval. Read more at theranger­sof­t­angka­ Pur­chase only palm oil-free prod­ucts or those made from sus­tain­ably grown palm oil. Palm oil is in around half of all pack­aged su­per­mar­ket prod­ucts, in­clud­ing toi­letries and snack foods. for manda­tory la­belling of palm

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oil and down­load Auck­land Zoo’s guide to la­belling at auck­land­­moil. There are over 200 dif­fer­ent names used in New Zealand to iden­tify palm oil, in­clud­ing veg­etable oil, sodium lau­ryl/ lau­reth sul­fate, palm ker­nel oil and any­thing con­tain­ing the words ‘palmi­tate’ or ‘pal­mate’.

Order My Food Bag, which uses only palm oil-free prod­ucts or those made from sus­tain­able palm oil. Go to my­food­

Share the #lovetheleuser mes­sage to help spread aware­ness about the threat­ened Leuser ecosys­tem. Read more at

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