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Na­dia’s easy-peasy Asian dishes pack a punch

It’s no se­cret that Ki­wis have a soft spot for the cui­sine of Asia. Alive with sweet, spicy, sour and salty flavours and full of fresh sea­sonal pro­duce, many of our favourite dishes are good for the body as well as tast­ing de­li­cious. To get you ex­per­i­ment­ing with Asian flavours at home, Na­dia shares some of her go-to recipes here – we hope you en­joy mak­ing them as much as you will eating them!

Ja­panese tori (chicken) teriyaki

Ready in 25 min­utes | Serves 4 | DF | GF

3 Tbsp soy sauce*

2½ Tbsp brown sugar

1 Tbsp honey

¼ cup water 1 tsp corn­flour

½ tsp sesame oil

600-800g bone­less, skin­less chicken breast or thigh meat, cut into strips

1 Tbsp oil

2 cloves gar­lic, finely chopped

2cm ginger, peeled, grated


Cooked rice Stir-fried cab­bage

2-3 tsp lightly toasted sesame seeds

1 Mix soy sauce, brown sugar, honey, water, corn­flour and sesame oil to­gether and set aside.

2 Pat chicken dry with pa­per tow­els. Heat oil in a wok or large fry­ing pan on high heat. Add chicken to hot pan and stir-fry for about 6-8 min­utes or un­til chicken is just cooked through.

3 Set cooked chicken aside, leav­ing pan on the heat. Add gar­lic and ginger to the hot pan and siz­zle for 30-60 sec­onds. Add soy sauce mix­ture to the hot pan and al­low it to bub­ble away vig­or­ously for about 1 minute, re­duc­ing to a thick, sticky glaze. Turn off heat, add cooked chicken and toss to coat in the glaze.

4 Serve chicken with rice and stir-fried cab­bage with any re­main­ing sauce from the pan driz­zled over the chicken or served in a small bowl on the side. Sprin­kle sesame seeds over chicken just be­fore serv­ing.

Thai laab salad

Ready in 35 min­utes | Serves 4 | DF | GF

If I had to choose a cui­sine to live off for the rest of my life, it would prob­a­bly be Thai. I love the fresh­ness that char­ac­terises Thai dishes, as well as the per­fect bal­ance of sweet, salty, sour and hot flavours. This quick, fresh and tasty salad is a great ex­am­ple of why I love Thai food so much!


1 Tbsp oil

2 cloves gar­lic, finely minced

600g lean chicken or pork mince

1 Tbsp fish sauce*


150g round green beans, trimmed, finely sliced

2 spring onions, finely sliced

1-2 red chill­ies, finely chopped (re­move seeds first if you don’t want too much heat)

1 car­rot, peeled and cut into fine match­sticks

½ cup roughly chopped roasted peanuts

1½ Tbsp very finely chopped lemon­grass

1½ Tbsp very finely chopped kaf­fir lime leaves

¼ cup finely diced shal­lot or red onion

½ cup roughly chopped co­rian­der

½ cup sliced mint leaves

½ tele­graph cu­cum­ber, thinly sliced

Lime wedges, to serve


2½ Tbsp fish sauce*

2 tsp palm sugar or brown sugar Juice

2 limes

1 Heat oil in a large fry­ing pan on medium heat. Siz­zle the gar­lic for 30 sec­onds, then add the mince. Stir and break up with a wooden spoon for 5-7 min­utes or un­til mince is cooked through. Sea­son with fish sauce.

2 While the mince is cook­ing, mix all the dress­ing ingredients to­gether.

3 When ready to serve, toss cooked mince with veg­eta­bles, peanuts, lemon­grass, kaf­fir lime leaves, diced shal­lot or red onion, co­rian­der, mint and dress­ing. Ar­range cu­cum­ber slices around a serv­ing plat­ter or plates and spoon laab into the mid­dle. Serve with a lime wedge or two for squeez­ing.

Chi­nese mush­room sang choi bao

Ready in 25 min­utes | Serves 4 | DF | GF

This recipe is light, quick and easy, so it would make a lovely starter. Us­ing dried mush­rooms cre­ates more flavour than you’d get from fresh ones – dried shi­itake (also called Chi­nese) mush­rooms are read­ily avail­able in the in­ter­na­tional sec­tion of most su­per­mar­kets.

20g sliced, dried shi­itake mush­rooms

1-2 Tbsp oil

2 cloves gar­lic, finely chopped

3cm ginger, peeled, finely chopped or grated

2 large stalks cel­ery, trimmed, finely diced

150g green beans (round or flat), trimmed, finely sliced

2 hand­fuls beansprouts (op­tional)

½ cup chopped roasted peanuts

1 red chilli, finely chopped


1½ Tbsp soy sauce*

1 Tbsp rice* or malt vine­gar (avoid malt vine­gar if eating gluten free)

1½ tsp brown sugar

½ tsp sesame oil


1 small ice­berg let­tuce, leaves sep­a­rated and washed in cold water

Chopped chives, to gar­nish

1 Bring a ket­tle of water to the boil. Place dried mush­rooms in a heat-proof bowl or dish and pour over enough boil­ing water to just cover. Set aside to soften for 15 min­utes.

2 Mix all sauce ingredients to­gether.

3 Drain mush­rooms, squeez­ing out most of the ex­cess water.

4 Heat oil in a wok or your largest fry­ing pan on medium-high heat. Stir-fry mush­rooms, gar­lic, ginger, cel­ery and green beans for about 2 min­utes, then add sauce and con­tinue cook­ing for

1-2 min­utes un­til cel­ery and beans are lightly cooked through (but not too soft). Turn off heat and toss through beansprouts, peanuts and chilli.

5 Serve a bowl of the veg­etable filling with a pile of let­tuce leaves for every­one to help them­selves. Sim­ply spoon some filling into a let­tuce leaf, gar­nish with chives, wrap up and eat!

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