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1 Eat right for you

Eat­ing right for you in­volves eat­ing the right lev­els of fats, pro­teins and car­bo­hy­drates for your ge­net­ics and metabolism. At Bepure this is what we call “find­ing your macronu­tri­ent pro­file”.

Sta­ble blood-su­gar lev­els are the king of sta­ble en­ergy lev­els. Foods that spike your blood su­gar give you a short peak in en­ergy fol­lowed by long, lethar­gic lows. Eat­ing the right bal­ance of car­bo­hy­drates, fats and pro­teins for your body will sta­bilise your blood-su­gar lev­els, giv­ing you the en­ergy to feel your best.

2 Drink plenty of wa­ter

Wa­ter is re­quired for all func­tions of en­ergy at a cel­lu­lar level, so it’s im­por­tant to keep hy­drated. I like peo­ple to drink 0.033L per kilo­gram ev­ery­day. If you’re 60kg that means 2L a day, 75kg means 2.5L a day and for 90kg this is 3L a day. If you don’t drink enough wa­ter, you’re not go­ing to have enough en­ergy.

3 Add qual­ity nu­tri­tional sup­port­ing sup­ple­ments

In the mod­ern world we ex­pe­ri­ence huge de­mands on our meta­bolic path­ways for en­ergy pro­duc­tion, detox­i­fi­ca­tion and hor­mone pro­duc­tion. To sup­port th­ese path­ways in func­tion­ing op­ti­mally, we re­quire healthy lev­els of nu­tri­ents in the body. Un­for­tu­nately, due to poor soil qual­ity, mod­ern farm­ing and food con­ve­niences, plus in­creased stres­sors on our body (which see us use up nu­tri­ents much faster), it’s very dif­fi­cult, if not im­pos­si­ble, to get the nu­tri­ents we need from food alone. Adding qual­ity nu­tri­tional sup­port is a great way to eas­ily in­crease nu­tri­ent and en­ergy lev­els. Some key nu­tri­ents I’d rec­om­mend start­ing with are a qual­ity mul­tivi­ta­min, vi­ta­min C and COQ10.

4 Get good-qual­ity sleep

Sleep helps us bal­ance our en­tire sys­tem. It’s im­por­tant we get at least eight hours of sleep to al­low our bod­ies to re­store and re­build our re­sources and en­ergy lev­els to func­tion well the next day. To en­sure good-qual­ity sleep, I sug­gest sim­ple things such as turn­ing your phone and de­vices off a few hours be­fore bed, do­ing some re­lax­ing ex­er­cises (such as putting your legs up the wall for 10 min­utes) or en­joy­ing an­other calm­ing ac­tiv­ity in the hour be­fore go­ing to sleep.

5 Nur­ture your mind and en­joy life

Yes, en­ergy is made at the cel­lu­lar level, but hor­mones con­trol th­ese cells, and what con­trols your hor­mones, to a degree, are your thoughts. By nur­tur­ing great men­tal health, en­joy­ing life and be­ing ex­cited about what is hap­pen­ing in your world, you are more likely to pro­duce the hor­mones re­quired for en­ergy pro­duc­tion which will lead to bound­less en­ergy.

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