Win­ter is com­ing...

Get your­self look­ing and feel­ing in tip-top shape with th­ese cool-weather ideas



We feel less in­clined to reach for a big, cold glass of wa­ter in cooler weather, but it’s es­pe­cially im­por­tant to stay well hy­drated at this time. Not hav­ing enough fluid in your sys­tem can cause your core tem­per­a­ture to drop, and can also make you more sus­cep­ti­ble to ill­nesses such as colds and flu. Try drink­ing warm wa­ter with a squeeze of le­mon or hav­ing more ca eine-free her­bal tea – it counts!


When you take the time to keep your body well hy­drated from the in­side out, your skin will reap the ben­e­fits. Then, to keep it hy­drated from the out­side in, eco­s­tore’s new Lemon­grass Body Wash, $7.99, con­tains New Zealand harakeke ex­tract to hy­drate and nour­ish your skin.


Take care of your del­i­cate clothes just like you take care of your skin – with ten­der love and care! Hand wash­ing can be a chore so make use of the del­i­cate cy­cle on your wash­ing ma­chine for wool, silk, lace and chi on pieces. The light ag­i­ta­tion won’t stretch your gar­ments out of shape, just re­mem­ber to se­lect the cold set­ting to avoid any shrink­age.

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