Paw­paw has been called the ‘fruit of the an­gels’ – when you try these heav­enly com­bi­na­tions you’ll know why

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Grown in the lush trop­i­cal en­vi­ron­ment of the Philip­pines, Dole paw­paw (or pa­paya) of­fers melt-inthe-mouth flavour with health ben­e­fits to boot. A source of an­tiox­i­dants and vi­ta­mins C, A and E, paw­paw brings a burst of sun­shine to baked treats and desserts, and mouth­wa­ter­ing juici­ness to savoury dishes such as the ba­con and spinach salad fea­tured here, which has a de­li­cious in­ter­play of sweet and salty. Whether you go sweet or savoury, it’s the golden colour and bu‚ery de­li­cious­ness of paw­paw that makes these recipes come to life.

Gluten-free paw­paw & al­mond friands

Ready in 45 min­utes | Makes 12 | GF

⅔ cup diced fresh Dole paw­paw 1 lime 5 egg whites ⅓ cup corn­flour ¼ tsp bak­ing pow­der ¾ cup ic­ing sugar 125g melted but­ter 1½ cups ground al­monds ½ cup des­ic­cated co­conut Sliv­ers Dole paw­paw and thinly sliced lime, to dec­o­rate (op­tional)

1 Pre­heat oven to 190°C. Grease a 12-cup friand or muf­fin pan.

2 Place diced paw­paw in a bowl. Zest the lime and set the zest aside. Add a good squeeze of lime juice to the paw­paw.

3 In a medium bowl whip egg whites to so– peaks. Si– in corn­flour, bak­ing pow­der and ic­ing sugar and lightly fold in. Add the melted bu‚er, ground al­monds, co­conut and lime zest and fold in. Lastly, add the paw­paw and any ac­cu­mu­lated juices.

4 Spoon into pan and dec­o­rate tops with sliv­ers of paw­paw and lime if de­sired. Bake for 25 min­utes or un­til risen and golden. Cool in pan for 15 min­utes be­fore re­mov­ing to a cool­ing rack.


> Friands can be served warm or cold with

whipped cream.

> If you only have a 6-cup friand pan, make only half the mix­ture (if you try to cook them in 2 batches, the sec­ond batch will not rise prop­erly).

Paw­paw, spinach & ba­con salad

Ready in 20 min­utes | Serves 4 | DF | GF

200g dry-cured ba­con, diced ¼ cup sliv­ered al­monds 1 Dole paw­paw 1 cos let­tuce, rinsed and sep­a­rated into leaves 2-3 cups baby spinach leaves ½ red onion, sliced Snow pea shoots and mint sprigs, to dec­o­rate (op­tional) DRESS­ING 1 Tbsp oil 1 Tbsp pure maple syrup 2 Tbsp lime juice

1 Place ba­con pieces in a fry­ing pan and cook gen­tly un­til crisp. With a

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