Un­proven at­tack

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I do not get it. The US up­set with an un­proven gas at­tack, bombs the as­sumed gas mak­ing plants in Syria to re­lease more gas and thereby poi­son more peo­ple. Turn the other cheek, do not kill (no ex­cep­tions), use the golden rule, and love your en­e­mies are prin­ci­ples as­so­ci­ated with Chris­tian­ity, so the claims of the US to be a Chris­tian coun­try are false.

The in­stant ac­cu­sa­tions are good sign of false flag op­er­a­tions. Also the hav­ing of the mil­i­tary pro­grams all ready pre­pared for a re­sponse is a sign of such de­ceit. The rea­son for the US to start the Amer­i­can war on Viet­nam has turned out to be a false flag case. I won­der if the gas at­tack was not re­ally a case of smoke in­hala­tion. I re­main skep­ti­cal. I know that I do not know.

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