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New Zealand Classic Car - - Automobilia - By David Cass

Clues Across: 7. Model name shared by Wolse­ley in Bri­tain and AMC in the States (6) 8. Nis­san Dat­sun’s up­mar­ket four- or six- cylin­der mid-range sa­loon, pro­duced in eight gen­er­a­tions from 1968 to 2002 (6) 10. En­gine-driven elec­tri­cal cur­rent gen­er­a­tor, widely used in au­to­mo­tive ig­ni­tion sys­tems through to about 1930 (7) 11. One of New Zealand’s first per­ma­nent rac­ing cir­cuits, first used in 1956: oth­ers of us re­mem­ber fun lit­tle sports coupé ver­sions of Toy­ota’s RWD ’70s/’80s Corolla (5) 12. Late 1940s rac­ing cars, de­signed by Dick Cae­sar and built cheaply to help kick-start the 500cc For­mula 3 rac­ing class in Bri­tain (4) 13. Suc­cess­ful French auto com­pany, with con­nec­tions early on to Fiat and later to Chrysler, ac­tive from 1934 to 1978 (5) 17. Founded in 1900 as a sup­plier of parts and as­sem­blies to auto com­pa­nies, this com­pany built its first car around 100 years ago, and has been part of Chrysler since 1928 (5) 18. UK rac­ing and sports builder, ac­tive from 1958 (founded by Eric Broadley) un­til 2012 (4) 22. Audi’s long-time name for its sta­tion-wagon mod­els from the late ’60s on­wards (5) 23. Model name used by Skoda for its eighth main­stream de­sign, built from 1959 to 1971 (7) 24. Bri­tish au­tomaker, famed for a ba­sic but ef­fec­tive econ­omy car built from 1922 into the 1930s, and af­ter WWII, pro­duc­tion of small com­mer­cial vans and Heinkel bub­ble cars un­der li­cence (6) 25. Ford Escort MKI sport­ing model, built to com­mem­o­rate suc­cess in the 1970 World Cup Rally (6) Clues Down: 1. Model name for Singer’s badge-en­gi­neered ver­sion of the Rootes Group Imp small car (7) 2. Renault’s 2/2.2-litre large car built through the 1950s as the com­pany’s ri­val to the Citroën Trac­tion (7) 3. ----- arm or ----- type shock ab­sorbers were op­er­ated by an arm from a chas­sis­mounted hy­draulic damper unit (5) 4. Bri­tish Club­mans com­pe­ti­tion- ori­ented small sports car (1959 on­wards) — “U2 can have a body like mine” (7) 5. Mean­ing of the ‘D’ sym­bol on most au­to­matic trans­mis­sion selec­tors (5) 6. US mar­que, ac­tive from 1923–’27 as part of Du­rant Mo­tors: the car was de­vel­oped from a Willys de­sign, and pow­ered by a Con­ti­nen­tal six- cylin­der en­gine (5) 9. UK rac­ing cir­cuit, used pre WWII from 1933, then up­graded and re­opened in the 1970s (9) 14. Gen­eral Mo­tors brand, built from 1926 through to 2010 (7) 15. Chevro­let’s 1960–’69 com­pact — of­ten thought a fail­ure, it ac­tu­ally sold nearly 1.8 mil­lion, so quite a suc­cess­ful fail­ure! (7) 16. AMC’S 1971–’78 mid­size car, that grew to al­most a full-size model in its fi­nal se­cond gen­er­a­tion (7) 19. Opel’s ri­val to the Ford Capri, built from 1970 to 1988 in two main model se­ries — an un­der­rated clas­sic that has a good fol­low­ing in Europe (5) 20. Morris six- cylin­der sa­loon with coach­built body, built in two se­ries, 1931 and then in 1932–1933 (5) 21. NZ builder of 95 units of the Lo­tus Seven S4 from the mid ’70s through to 1979 were ----- Broth­ers in Christchurch (5)

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