300 (This is not Sparta!)

New Zealand Classic Car - - Editorial - Al­lan Wal­ton

I’m writ­ing this in the first week of the new year. Af­ter a 10-day menu lit­tered with ham salad, ham omelette, ham pizza, ham-and-egg pie, ham sand­wiches and, fi­nally, ham-and­pea soup, the fam­ily-sized haunch of smoked Christ­mas Porky Pig has fi­nally been dealt to, sum­mer has fi­nally ar­rived, and an­other year beck­ons. This will be quite a sig­nif­i­cant year for both NZ Clas­sic Car and, more per­son­ally, for my­self.

It only seems like yes­ter­day when I scrib­bled down some words on the Sun­beam Own­ers Club for the sec­ond edi­tion of the NZ Clas­sic Car Di­rec­tory but, quite ob­vi­ously, that all hap­pened 24 years ago. As an aside, my sage old grand­fa­ther warned me all about this con­trac­tion of time a long, long, time ago in what now seems like a galaxy far, far away. To­day, with more years be­hind me than ahead, I now know what he meant!

Right, less of the cracker-bar­rel phi­los­o­phiz­ing — back to the present and the sub­ject at hand! With our De­cem­ber 2015 edi­tion we’ll be mark­ing the 300th ap­pear­ance of the mag­a­zine. That’s a big mile­stone for NZ Clas­sic Car, and we’ll ex­pend a lot of thought over the months lead­ing up to the De­cem­ber is­sue on how we can make our 300th edi­tion some­thing re­ally spe­cial. A few ideas have been sent whistling around the cor­ri­dors of power here at Park­side Tow­ers, but noth­ing has been de­cided upon as yet.

On a more per­sonal note, and just as im­por­tantly, the Jan­uary 2016 edi­tion — on sale just prior to Christ­mas this year — will bring my ed­i­to­rial tally of NZ Clas­sic Car mag­a­zines com­pleted up to a nice, round, dou­ble ton. There have been a few sug­ges­tions as to how we could cel­e­brate my 200th edi­tion — most, ad­mit­tedly, not suit­able for in­clu­sion in a fam­ily mag­a­zine — while our pub­lisher came up with at least one idea. Mind you, the lat­ter sug­ges­tion was never go­ing to fly!

As for me — well, I’ll just be glad if I’m still here to mark that 200th an­niver­sary.

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