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Mod­els of ve­hi­cles based on film and TV shows are a very popular col­lect­ing theme. The James Bond As­ton Martin DB5 by Corgi Toys is prob­a­bly the most fa­mous, but there have been many oth­ers, and still more are cur­rently avail­able or in the plan­ning stage. Mat­tel Elite has re­cently switched from ex­otic cars (mainly Fer­raris) to film and TV mod­els. Green­light is a re­cent brand on the mar­ket, and it of­fers mod­els in 1:18, 1:43 and 1:64 scales of TV and film cars. The lo­cal model shop had quite a few Green­light Hol­ly­wood in stock re­cently, and I chose the 1974 Ford Es­cort RS2000 MKI from Fast and Fu­ri­ous 6 — Brian’s car to 1:43 scale, cat­a­logue No. 86222. The lines of the car have been well cap­tured. Of note are the flared arches and the re­al­is­tic wheels. The grille is well de­picted, with plated sur­rounds and the cor­rect matte-black mesh and light sur­round. The head­lights and driv­ing lights are clear glazed over plated re­flec­tors that give a re­al­is­tic ap­pear­ance. The tail-light clus­ter is also glazed, with or­ange and red translu­cent plas­tic. The in­te­rior is very good, and in­cludes such things as the roll cage and seat belts. Un­der­side de­tail is good, and the afore­men­tioned wheels are shod with re­al­is­tic tyres. The car is painted the cor­rect mid blue with white ‘rac­ing stripes’, although the one on the side should ‘hip up’ over the rear wheel arch, but in­stead runs straight. It’s avail­able at model shops at $40.

Rag-top Ze­phyr

This month’s Brook­lin Mod­els re­lease is from the Lansdowne sta­ble of Bri­tish cars. The LDM112 1956 Ford Ze­phyr MKII con­vert­ible joins the pre­vi­ously re­leased sa­loon (LDM92) and the Farn­ham es­tate (LDM101). Of course this is a new cast­ing, with longer doors and an open roof. Plated parts are used for the early egg-crate grille, bumpers, lights, han­dles, side trim and boot hinges plus the in­ter­nal han­dles on the doors. The ex­ter­nal boot hinges sur­prised me as the sa­loon does not have them, but they ap­pear to be cor­rect. The in­te­rior is well de­tailed, and it can be eas­ily ad­mired via the open top. The mould­ing for the folded roof is con­vinc­ing in style. The wheels are stan­dard steel type with plated hub­caps, and are painted the body colour. The un­der­side de­tail is min­i­mal. The Ze­phyr is painted ivory with a twotone ecru and brown in­te­rior. Lansdowne Mod­els can be ob­tained through Nos­tal­gic Au­to­mo­tive Minia­tures, ph. 09 535 5725, or GRM Mod­els, ph. 03 213 1354. Thanks to Brook­lin Mod­els Ltd, Bath, UK for the re­view sam­ple.

Hall­mark Keep­sake

Although it is past Christ­mas, it is worth men­tion­ing the Hall­mark Keep­sake Christ­mas tree or­na­ments which have a dif­fer­ent Clas­sic Amer­i­can Car in the range each year. For 2014 it was a 1970 Buick GSX — a rea­son­able model if you ig­nore the hoop on the roof for hang­ing on the tree. It is richly painted in chrome yel­low with black and red strip­ing. The Christ­massy as­pect is a big present on the back seat. It’s priced at $21.95 from Briscoes, and it’s worth wait­ing for one of its 50-per-cent-off sales.

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