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You’ve al­ready got an im­pres­sive range for a new busi­ness. Any plans to ex­pand this range in the fu­ture? For sure, we con­tinue to bring new sup­pli­ers and prod­ucts to the site ev­ery day. We aim to have 100,000 items listed by the end of the year, and cover ev­ery cat­e­gory rel­e­vant to the au­to­mo­tive sec­tor. It is so im­por­tant to make sure your sys­tems work in your launch phase; now we know they do, the sky’s the limit for us.

Where are your stores lo­cated? We use mul­ti­ple ware­houses around NZ for despatch, we don’t have phys­i­cal re­tail op­er­a­tions so our store is our web site.

What ad­van­tages does this on­line pres­ence hold for your cus­tomers? Global trends show on­line au­to­mo­tive sales as rapidly grow­ing. For NZ con­sumers, the is­sue has been the poor af­ter-sales ser­vice with war­ranties, dam­aged goods, etc. when buy­ing from over­seas. Our vi­sion is to use NZ sup­pli­ers who rec­tify is­sues quickly, in or­der to de­liver a trusted, well-priced op­tion for New Zealan­ders.

That sounds great. How can cus­tomers take full ad­van­tage of your of­fer­ings? It is very sim­ple. Go to www.myau­to­mo­ and se­lect and buy any prod­uct through the se­cured pay­ment ex­press sys­tem. We then keep you in­formed by email at ev­ery step, through or­der con­fir­ma­tion, ship­ping con­fir­ma­tion, and a GST re­ceipt all mailed to you. Our store has a shop­ping cart so you can choose to build an or­der over time, or pur­chase that one-off spe­cial. Email us if you want to buy in bulk, we will al­ways look to pro­vide price breaks where pos­si­ble.

We’ve heard that you don’t charge freight on your sales, is this true? It is freight free, our cus­tomers tell us again and again this is a ma­jor part of the buy­ing de­ci­sion. On­line mod­els can work on lower mar­gin, part of this lower mar­gin is hav­ing the freight in­cluded. Hav­ing no hid­den costs helps cre­ate trust, which is cru­cial to your on­line sur­vival.

Sounds like a win for your cus­tomers! So, what can they ex­pect from you guys? They will all get brand new, well-priced prod­ucts de­liv­ered to their doors any­where in main­land New Zealand, freight free, within seven days of order­ing. As well as tech­ni­cal ad­vice through our sales@myau­to­mo­ desk, and friendly hu­man be­ings deal­ing with them di­rectly should any­thing go wrong. You will get great ser­vice and great prod­uct.

We aim to have 100,000 items listed by the end of the year, and cover ev­ery cat­e­gory

rel­e­vant to the au­to­mo­tive sec­tor

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