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Ad­di­tion­ally, any ex­ist­ing steer­ing wheel–mounted con­trols such as in­di­ca­tor levers and head­light dip­pers, in­clud­ing the steer­ing wheel it­self, re­main un­touched. How­ever, so ef­fec­tive is this sys­tem that your car’s orig­i­nal, large steer­ing wheel may no longer be needed in or­der to pro­vide lever­age — leav­ing the op­tion of fit­ting an at­trac­tive re­place­ment wheel.

The sys­tem is de­signed to give max­i­mum as­sis­tance at low speed (or when sta­tion­ary for park­ing ma­noevres), with that as­sis­tance grad­u­ally di­min­ish­ing as the speed in­creases to a point where it is no longer de­tectable. The sys­tem’s ECU de­ter­mines the level of as­sis­tance re­quired via a speed sen­sor, this be­ing in­serted into the ca­ble at the rear of speedometer.

Tri­umph TR6

It all sounds too good to be true, so we had the New Zealand agent for EZ Elec­tric Power Steer­ing sys­tems, Alan Bow­den from Bow­den Bod­ies in Auck­land, in­stall one of th­ese units into the well-used Tri­umph TR6 owned by Nzclassiccar’s pub­lisher.

When we got the car back we were truly amazed with the re­sults. There was no more avoid­ing tight, re­stricted-space in­nercity car parks and, as we’re all get­ting a lit­tle bit older than we re­ally think we are, painkillers to ease the pain of stressed mus­cles or mak­ing block bookings with our lo­cal phys­io­ther­a­pist were no longer re­quired.

In line with its rep­u­ta­tion for be­ing some­thing of a bloke’s ma­chine, Tri­umph’s TR6 is usu­ally de­scribed as be­ing a ‘hairy’ sports car. Well, no more — turn­ing the steer­ing wheel from lock to lock with noth­ing more than the tip of your pinky fin­ger is now all that’s nec­es­sary to ma­noeu­vre the TR into even the small­est car park.

EZ Elec­tric Power Steer­ing can be fit­ted to most types of clas­sic cars — just con­tact Alan Bow­den for a quote.

The mo­tor is al­most lost in the TR’S wiring

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