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Paint Made Easy

In re­cent months, Su­percheap Auto has in­tro­duced an­other prod­uct that makes a dif­fi­cult job, or one we per­ceive as dif­fi­cult, much eas­ier to tackle. Most of us will have ex­pe­ri­enced that un­sightly shop­ping trol­ley scrape or slight scratch on the door from where the kids have dragged their bikes along the car’s flanks. They’re an­noy­ing, and we gen­er­ally try to ig­nore them in the hope they’ll just dis­ap­pear.

Su­percheap Auto now of­fers the per­fect so­lu­tion — the Lyn­dar Pre­mium Paint Sys­tem, avail­able in all Su­percheap stores through­out New Zealand.

All the cus­tomer has to do is pro­vide a paint code. If you don’t have a paint code, the make and model of the ve­hi­cle will suf­fice, or you can pro­vide a sam­ple of the colour re­quired.

The code is in­put into Lyn­dar’s com­put­er­ized sys­tem, and this pro­vides the cor­rect quan­ti­ties of tin­ters re­quired to make a per­fect colour match. The cor­rectly mixed paint can then be put into ei­ther a spray can or a tin — it’s that easy to get the per­fect match­ing colour for your car, and all while you wait. Clas­sic-car own­ers have no need for con­cern. If your Tri­umph TR6 is painted in its orig­i­nal Bri­tish Rac­ing Green (BRG) — and as we all know, there are dozens of vari­a­tions on the BRG theme — the Lyn­dar sys­tem can in­di­cate the cor­rect colour by year and marque.

If you just have a sam­ple to match, then a com­pre­hen­sive colour chart is used to match the colour.

Added Value

Prepa­ra­tion is al­ways the key to a good fi­nal paint fin­ish, and Su­percheap Auto’s staff are able to of­fer a range of prod­ucts to help — in­clud­ing the cor­rect grades of sand­pa­per, mask­ing tape, Lyn­dar etch primers, plas­tic primer fillers, primer fillers and wax and grease re­movers, not to men­tion an ex­ten­sive range of gen­eral prod­ucts such as per­sonal safety equip­ment — all nec­es­sary for com­plet­ing a well-fin­ished paint­ing task, safely.

Lyn­dar’s sys­tem and Su­percheap Auto rec­om­mend that the sur­face for paint­ing is suit­ably pre­pared be­fore two or three light coats of the cor­rect colour are sprayed over the primed area, al­low­ing just 10 min­utes flash-off time be­tween each coat. The next step is to ap­ply two or three coats of clearcoat to pro­tect and match the shine of the sur­round­ing paint sur­face.

An­other ad­van­tage for clas­sic car own­ers is that your per­fectly colour-matched Lyn­dar paint can be used for brush touch-ups on ar­eas such as stone chips. This can be achieved sim­ply by spray­ing a small quan­tity of paint into the lid of the spray can, then ap­ply­ing it to the sur­face with a fine brush. It’s rec­om­mended that the primer and a coat of clearcoat is ap­plied in the same man­ner.

Most of us tend to shy away when it comes to ap­ply­ing paint to our pride and joy, but thanks to Su­percheap Auto we can do the proper Kiwi thing, and ‘ have a go’ our­selves.

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