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The Bent­ley MKVI has re­cently be­come a favourite sub­ject to model. The Lans­downe (Brooklin) Mod­els se­ries has of­fered many body­-style ver­sions in 1:43 scale over re­cent years. Then there was the James Bond Col­lec­tion (part-work) model also to 1:43 scale, and now a 1:18­scale ver­sion by Cult Scale Mod­els (a new make with other of­fer­ings that in­clude the Rover 3500 P6B, Jensen In­ter­cep­tor SI, Bent­ley S111 Con­ti­nen­tal Fly­ing Spur, Jaguar XJR and Mercedes­-benz V114 Lang). How­ever the re­view this month is of the Ox­ford Diecasts’ Bent­ley IV Ivo Peters saloon. This is in the 1:43 range, but no doubt it will also be avail­able in 1:76 scale in the near fu­ture. The Bent­ley’s lines have been well cap­tured and the model has the right ‘sit’. There are three main cast­ings used for the model — main body, front and rear wings and the chas­sis. These fit to­gether snugly. The panel and shut lines are finely crafted. Plated parts are used for the bumpers, grille, light bezels, wind­screen wipers, horn grille and boot han­dle. All other bright­work is done by sil­ver tampo print­ing, which gives a neat ef­fect. The grille has a back­wash of black to em­pha­size its fine lines, and the ‘fly­ing B’ mas­cot is fine and to scale. The head­lights and driv­ing light have clear lenses, but the two tail-lights are sim­ply painted sil­ver to rep­re­sent the opaque white of the orig­i­nal. A ra­dio aerial is mounted above the cen­tre of the wind­screen. Glaz­ing is flush fit­ted, which al­lows the in­te­rior de­tail to be ad­mired. De­tail in­cludes wood trim to the door tops and dash­board. The in­te­rior mir­ror is a sep­a­rate item mounted in the cor­rect po­si­tion. The plas­tic un­der­side car­ries rea­son­able de­tail. Large wheels are fit­ted with au­then­tic tyres and plated hub caps. The Bent­ley is cor­rectly painted dark blue for Ivo’s car with a grey in­te­rior. The model comes with its own clear­plas­tic dis­play case, and should cost about $62 in New Zealand. price is $14:95. First off the rank is the Lon­don FX4 taxi — the model seem­ingly a late Nissan pow­ered ver­sion.

For the price, it is a rea­son­able model with plated parts and clear­glazed lights, etc. Most of the bright­work is sil­ver tampo print­ing with the grille, light bezels, door mir­ror and wipers be­ing plated. The in­te­rior is de­tailed, as is the chas­sis, and the wheels look au­then­tic. One mi­nor quib­ble is the white rear num­ber plate that should be yel­low. The taxi is painted black, of course. Another model from the se­ries is a 1950 Ford V8 from Mon­te­v­ideo. There are very few mod­els of the V8 and this one is rea­son­able, although the front and rear wings are un­painted plas­tic, which gives the im­pres­sion of be­ing made in rub­ber be­cause the sheen does not match the gloss of the body. Also miss­ing are the horn grilles that are prom­i­nent un­der the head­lights. The model is painted gloss black, with a chrome yel­low roof. The se­ries is pub­lished fort­nightly, and can be ob­tained from most newsagents.

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