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Once again, we’ve once again been check­ing through the lat­est ad­di­tions to the Corgi/ Van­guards range of col­lectible 1:43 diecast mod­els in or­der to come up with some­thing to tempt read­ers into en­ter­ing our com­pe­ti­tion. This month, the long arm of the law grasped us by the scruff of our necks and, with a hefty look­ing trun­cheon waved un­der our noses, we de­cided that we’d bet­ter fea­ture a few po­lice cars. First up is VA14001, a model of the Vaux­hall Carl­ton 2.6 MKII as used by the South Wales Po­lice in the early ’90s. Cho­sen in­stead of the more ex­pen­sive Sen­a­tor, th­ese bog-stan­dard Carl­ton’s cars were sup­plied by a Cardiff- based Vaux­hall dealer. Deemed un­suit­able for their traf­fic polic­ing role, the Carl­ton’s cars were soon re­placed by more pow­er­ful, spe­cially mod­i­fied Sen­a­tors. First put to­gether in 2004, the Min­istry of De­fence Po­lice Agency was re­spon­si­ble for polic­ing MOD prop­er­ties. Al­though more se­cu­rity guards than po­lice, all the of­fi­cers in this force were armed to the teeth and fully trained in their use. Mostly seen cruis­ing around in 4x4s, the MOD po­lice also used the Vaux­hall Cava­lier as pa­trol cars. The VA13104 is mod­elled on one of th­ese pa­trol cars – a 16-valve 2.0-litre Cava­lier MKII. Thanks to the good guys at Toymod Ltd – the NZ Corgi/van­guards dis­trib­u­tors – we’ve got one of th­ese MOD Cava­liers, re­splen­dent in ‘ jam-butty’ liv­ery – to give away to a lucky reader; just an­swer the fol­low­ing ques­tion:

Q: What nick­name was the Min­istry of De­fence Po­lice Agency col­lo­qui­ally known as? Toen­terthis­com­pe­ti­tion,headto:clas­s­ic­car.­pe­ti­tions– com­pe­ti­tion­clos­es20thau­gust,2015. Corgi/van­guardsmod­el­sa­reavail­able fro­ma­ll­go­od­toyand­hob­byshops. Con­tact­toy­modltd (Pobox18263,auck­land, Ph095270122/fax095270144) tofind­y­our­closes­tre­tailer.

Clues Across: 1. Al­ter­na­tive model name used in NZ and Aus­tralia for Honda’s N360/600 minicar of the late ’60s/early ’70s (5) 8. Ar­gentina-born rac­ing driver (briefly) and in­dus­tri­al­ist who founded a car-­build­ing com­pany in Italy in 1959: some be­came clas­sics, but there were quite a few mis­fires along the way (2,8) Fa­mil­iar name in Aus­tralian tin-­top rac­ing as King of the Moun­tain (5) US firm, builder of top­-class air­cooled lux­ury cars from 1902–’34, the last a V12! (8) 11. Low pro­duc­tion Uk­built fi­bre­glass coupé­-bod­ied ver­sion of Citroën’s 2CV, 210 built from 1959–’64 (5) 12. Bri­tish sports car (1962–1980), all­-time best-­seller sports car un­til the MX­5 came along (3) 16. Bri­tish coach­builder ______ and Maberly be­came the Rootes Group’s sup­plier of top­-range and spe­cial bod­ies from 1925 to 1967 (6) 17. Ir­ish prov­ince, which lent its name to many sport­ing cars through its con­nec­tion with the great Ards cir­cuit Tourist Tro­phy races held from 1928 to 1936 (6) 18. Low­-pro­duc­tion Bri­tish sports car built from 1935/6 through to 1956, old­-fash­ioned in looks but a suc­cess­ful car in many forms of mo­tor­-sport ac­tiv­ity (1,1,1) 23. US sport­ing car built by Mer­cury in the States from 1979–’86 — ba­si­cally a re­badged Mus­tang of the time (5) 24. Model name for GM Oldsmo­bile’s big fwd lux­ury car built from 1965/6 through to 1992, shar­ing the GM E­-plat­form chas­sis with Cadil­lac El­do­rado and Buick Riviera (8) 25. Nis­san-­dat­sun’s long­-time small­-car model ri­val to the Toy­ota Corolla — clas­sic, or not? Some of its hot­ter coupé vari­ants get a pass mark (5) 26. Bri­tish com­pany, spe­cial­iz­ing in high­-qual­ity leather in­te­ri­ors for up­mar­ket cars (8) 27. ­­­­­and El­lis was a UK coach­work com­pany (1919–­’38), best known per­haps for its stylish sa­loon and tourer bod­ies on 1920/30s Alvis and Lea­-fran­cis mod­els (5)

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