New Zealand Classic Car - - The Ultimate Garage Fit-Out -

I’ d like to think that many read­ers would ad­mit to hav­ing what we would call a rea­son­ably well-equipped home garage in which to work on their clas­sics, al­though all but the most for­tu­nate of us have to make do to one de­gree or an­other when it comes to set­ting up our home work­shops. Put sim­ply, we have to ac­cept that there’s a limit to what we can af­ford. How­ever, if money is no ob­ject, we reckon ev­ery­one’s dream garage would in­clude some of the items fea­tured in our ‘Ul­ti­mate Garage Fit- out’.

Tool­ing up

For starters, I bet we’d all like to get our trailer up to ISL Lim­ited and fill it up to the brim with gear from their ex­ten­sive range of top- qual­ity Teng Tools, in­clud­ing ev­ery hand tool imag­in­able, as well as one or

tired of rolling around un­der cars, get­ting grit in your eyes, or hav­ing span­ners drop on your head from above. Hoists are also great for sav­ing valu­able space if your garage is on the smaller size — one car up in the air on the first story and a se­cond on the ground floor.

The fin­ish­ing touches

Fed up with crawl­ing around on greasy, cold, hard, and stained con­crete? If that’s the case, Swis­strax have the an­swer with their range of heavy-duty, easyto-in­stall floor­ing sys­tems. As well as the Swis­strax sys­tem, other floor­ing op­tions in­clude a range of re­silient, hard-wear­ing car­pet spe­cially man­u­fac­tured for garages cour­tesy of In­stalled Lim­ited, while Coat­ing Tech­nolo­gies can of­fer a good-look­ing and hard-wear­ing floor coat­ing to suit al­most any ap­pli­ca­tion. The fi­nal choice is yours — but any of those op­tions will add ex­tra style, and even safety, to the home-work­shop en­vi­ron­ment.

And when it comes to safety, don’t for­get light­ing. A dim and dark home garage can be a dan­ger­ous place, so ef­fi­cient light­ing is just as im­por­tant in the ‘ul­ti­mate garage’ as any­thing else — and that in­cludes mak­ing sure you’ve got plenty of nat­u­ral light. PSP In­dus­tries Lim­ited of­fer a great range of op­tions to suit ev­ery garage; op­tions that will al­low your clas­sic to bask in the nat­u­ral light whilst you at­tend to its ev­ery need.

Cer­tainly just as im­por­tant, if not the most im­por­tant, as­pect of your ul­ti­mate garage is that it has to pro­tect your prized clas­sic cars from the rav­ages of Mother Na­ture. The last thing we want fol­low­ing a mas­sive del­uge of heavy rain is to come home and find all the con­tents of our garage afloat be­cause we’ve over­looked ad­e­quate drainage re­quire­ments. A call to ACO Ltd will put your mind at ease as they can of­fer pro­fes­sional ad­vice and in­stall the nec­es­sary drainage re­quired to keep your pride and joy as dry as the prover­bial bone.

To fin­ish ev­ery­thing off — a brand-spank­ing-new garage door is al­ways a good idea, adding a touch of style to your house and, of course, added se­cu­rity. B& D Doors of­fer a huge range of se­cure, re­motely con­trolled garage doors all built to New Zealand con­di­tions.

And if your home garage isn’t up to par, what are you wait­ing for? Check out our list­ings, see what’s on of­fer then pick up the phone and start mak­ing plans for your very own ul­ti­mate garage.

There are many ways to build your garage or work­shop into the space you’ve al­ways wanted — a space where you can com­fort­ably store, work on, or just gaze at your prized cars with pride. You may have all the tools, equip­ment, and ac­ces­sories to cover any as­pect of clas­sic car main­te­nance, but are you pleased with the garage en­vi­ron­ment?

For some, hav­ing a well-worn garage is a mark of pride — like scuffed and oil-stained tools, or that per­ma­nently oil-stained pair of over­alls, a clearly used garage is the ul­ti­mate sign of some­one who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty; a true clas­sic car lover. Oth­ers seek a bit more or­ga­ni­za­tion, a bit more clean­li­ness, and one of the eas­i­est ways to change the at­mos­phere of your workspace is in the floor — af­ter all, it’s one of the largest sur­face ar­eas.

Here, Swis­strax can re­ally make a dif­fer­ence, of­fer­ing mod­u­lar floor­ing tiles that are both easy to in­stall and main­tain, and can com­pletely change the look and us­abil­ity of your garage. The in­ter­lock­ing floor tiles are an easy way to clean up a garage floor that you aren’t happy with — cov­er­ing cracks or oil stains couldn’t be eas­ier.

One of Swis­strax’s big­gest ad­vo­cates is none other than Jay Leno him­self, who has had Swis­strax floor tiles in­stalled in his own Big Dog Garage — the fact that the plas­tic floor tiles could sup­port the weight of a 6000lb car was par­tic­u­larly sur­pris­ing to Mr Leno, who had Swis­strax Rib­trax tiles used to dis­play the col­lec­tion of Deusen­bergs and Bu­gat­tis that he takes great pride in.

They’re easy to in­stall too, of­fer­ing a prac­ti­cal and mod­ern al­ter­na­tive to stan­dard con­crete floor­ing. The tiles sim­ply snap to­gether, and their con­sis­tent shape makes thor­ough sur­face cov­er­age a breeze; the av­er­age garage can be cov­ered in a mat­ter of hours — a re­mark­ably quick and easy way to bring it into the mod­ern era. Main­te­nance is just as easy, with a sim­ple hose down or vac­uum usu­ally suf­fi­cient to keep the tiles clean.

For more in­for­ma­tion on how Swis­strax tiles can trans­form your way of stor­ing, work­ing on, and ap­pre­ci­at­ing your cars, visit swis­, or give them a call on 09 478 2013.

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