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Ihave been trawl­ing the in­ter­net again for in­ter­est­ing mod­els. There are many deal­ers that re­sell ‘re­main­ders’ from part-work mag­a­zines. An amaz­ing se­lec­tion is out there, and we only see a small pro­por­tion in New Zealand. Many of the of­fer­ings are to the usual col­lect­ing scale of 1:43. Some un­usual sub­jects have ap­peared too, such as East Euro­pean cars; Brazil­ian cars; and make-and-model spe­cific, such as the Citroën 2CV and Fi­ats. Many gaps have also been filled, like the first sub­ject of this re­view, a GM-T Chevette.

GM-T Chevette

The model was sold as an Opel Chevette, so it has been left in left-hand-drive for­mat but oth­er­wise looks just like the car seen on New Zealand roads. Strangely, the base is marked ‘Vaux­hall Chevette’, so maybe that ver­sion is out there?

The lines of this ubiq­ui­tous car have been well cap­tured. The only plated parts are the slim bumpers fore and aft. The re­cessed headlights are clear glazed, with the sur­rounds painted in sil­ver. Tail lights are moulded in their ap­pro­pri­ate colours. Wind­screen wipers are cor­rectly moulded in black, and sit re­al­is­ti­cally on the screen. The num­ber plates are sim­ply la­belled ‘Chevette L’, and there are minute ‘Chevette’ badges on the front and back.

In­te­rior de­tail is good, and in­cludes the ‘set’ hand­brake. There is even a cen­trally mounted rear-view mir­ror, but it is to­tally clear! Un­der­side de­tail is just a sketch, but the wheels are ex­cel­lent, with ‘ holed-through’ vents.

The Chevette is painted or­ange/ red with a tan and black in­te­rior. It cost about $25 landed, so rep­re­sents good value as well. I have just spot­ted a notch­back ver­sion of the Chevette, so look out for that in a fu­ture is­sue.

1968 Chevro­let Im­pala SS

Green­light is a fairly new model make on the New Zealand mar­ket, but some of the lat­est items avail­able are cel­e­brat­ing Green­light’s 10th an­niver­sary. Most are to 1:64 scale, with an in­creas­ing avail­abil­ity of 1:43 scale, plus some larger ones. The sam­ple I have this time is a 1:64 1968 Chevro­let Im­pala SS from the Mus­cle Car Garage se­ries.

The body lines are good, and it fea­tures an open­ing bon­net with a de­tailed and suit­ably painted big en­gine, al­though the hinge does not al­low it to open fully to ad­mire the works. There is some good, fine tampo print­ing for the bright de­tails. The mid-body dec­o­ra­tive strip is well de­picted, with the fine sil­ver over­laid with a black em­pha­sis and the whole thing only be­ing about 0.5mm thick.

The oblig­a­tory black in­te­rior seems well de­tailed and can be ad­mired through the open side win­dow. The wheels are suit­ably de­tailed mus­cle-car style, but the tyres are a lit­tle too wide even for a mus­cle car. The Chev is painted in a metal­lic mid blue, and costs $13.90 from model and toy shops.

Ox­ford Diecast makes many of its mod­els in sev­eral scales for each item.

Austin 7

A while ago its 1:43 Austin 7 RN sa­loon was re­viewed here, and now the 1:76 ver­sion is also avail­able.

The modelling has en­abled a per­fect smaller replica, with all the same at­tributes as its big­ger sta­ble­mate. Only the glazed headlights and ra­di­a­tor sur­round seem to be sac­ri­ficed, with sim­ple sil­ver paint do­ing the job.

The 1:76 Austin 7 is avail­able at most hobby shops for around $13.50.

Just spot­ted in the lo­cal mag­a­zine shop: a new part-work mag­a­zine, Leg­endary Cars —a fort­nightly mag­a­zine, in­clud­ing a 1:43-scale model.

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