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New Zealand Classic Car - - READERS’ WRITES -

am much en­joy­ing April’s edi­tion of New Zealand Clas­sic Car, kindly sent to me by my old­est school friend, who now lives in Auck­land with his New Zealand wife.

I al­ways TRY to iden­tify the cars shown in ‘clips’ in your Au­to­mo­bilia sec­tion, and I hope that you don’t think I am be­ing a clever-clogs Brit when I say that Ithink that while all of this month’s se­lec­tion are rear-en­gined, they are not all air cooled.

1. Is a VW 1600TL, air cooled.

2. Is an NSU Prinz 1000, wa­ter cooled.

3. Has the look of Ber­tone, to me, MAYBE a Simca 1000 Ber­tone, wa­ter cooled.

4. Is an orig­i­nal Fiat 500, air cooled.

5. Is an early Fiat 850 coupé, wa­ter cooled.

6. Is a Fiat 600 Abarth, wa­ter cooled.

7. Is a Hill­man Imp, wa­ter cooled.

8. Is a Re­nault Floride, wa­ter cooled.

9. Is a Re­nault Dauphine, wa­ter cooled.

10. Is a Tucker, ei­ther a 48 or a Tor­pedo, wa­ter-cooled.

Per­haps some of your read­ers may be in­ter­ested to know that a friend in the vil­lage where I live, in Eng­land, has a 1939 Rover 20hp with un­usual two-door drop­head body­work by the coach­builder Tick­ford.

Howard re­stored and re-up­hol­stered it, to a high stan­dard, around 10 years ago, and he will never sell it. It was reg­is­tered orig­i­nally on the day the Wehrma­cht marched into Cze­choslo­vakia, to a re­tired Amer­i­can Bri­gadier with a dis­tin­guished army record, and he was al­lowed an al­lo­ca­tion of petrol for it dur­ing the war be­cause he had an ad­min­is­tra­tive job in Lon­don.

Howard knows part, but not all, of its his­tory since the war.

Do any of your read­ers know of any pre-war two-door Rover drop­heads, by Tick­ford, still ex­ist­ing in New Zealand?

Wil­liam Stander­wick, Isham, Northamp­ton­shire, Eng­land

Thank you for point­ing out our er­ror. The ques­tion was sup­posed to read ‘ rear- en­gined cars’. A few of our other knowl­edge­able read­ers have also pointed out the mis­take.

The Rover sounds very in­ter­est­ing in­deed. Let’s see if any of our read­ers can help out. AFW

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